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  • Hello…

    I’ve just about completed a redesign of my site. Its a now very minimal 3colum fluid design. It does use tables right now, but I’m working on cleaning that up… I had an original layout sans-tables, but it wasnt looking good in FF… go figure… must be my sloppy CSS layout skills 🙂 I’ve used Minima-Plus as a base for fonts, but i’m still tweeking that.

    Anyways… still working on the site… but I’m just about 95% done… still have nav to work on the top and some bugs to find and fix.

    I present:
    Noachian Studios

    All and any comments welcomed 🙂

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  • is that meant to be a top navigation which is currently inactive? Might want to make that as interesting as the rest of the design, I’m sure the intention was some contrast with the bright, but they just seem to be hanging about as it were.

    i do like the design overall though, and though it is fluid, there’s still decent sized horizontal scroll in 800*600 and 1024*768, though I’m guessing you’re working on a 1280*1024 form

    H scroll on 10×7? I’m running that rez at home and I dont get any scrolling… and its not too squished on my screen… hmmm.. I just resized the flash player and I get minimal scrolling on 8×6… I might edit that post with a more tag 🙂

    But yeah… I’m going to play around with the top nav. maybe make it a little bit bigger… maybe instead of black a dark deep maroon or blue.

    look forward to seeing the final product – i may have been wrong about 1024…old age and all that 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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