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  • I would really appreciate any sort of feedback on my website which offers English translations of ancient Chinese Lyrics and Poetry.

    森林 TREESWOODSFORESTS offers a unique view of the ancient art form of Chinese Poetry; not normally exposed to the mainstream of Western arts. The compositions found here are truly cherished jewels, and have been selected from the vast ocean of this literary history.

    The site was built on WPMU and is using ThemeShaper’s Acamas themelet; built around the Thematic WordPress Theme Framework.

    Please visit: 森林 TREESWOODSFORESTS

    Thank you,

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  • nice and simple theme, a good tag line and a nice logo on the header. Also i like the ads on the homepage at the top, very nicely placed and blended. good work.

    here are a few suggestions:

    1) Your links are not friendly, to make your permalinks friendly, login to your wordpress admin panel and navigate to the setting – permalinks. Choose a friendly link option there.

    2) try to remove a few ads blocks from the sidebar of your post pages. i think you have 6 blocks there which is, i suppose, against adsense tos.

    3) you can further improve your page loadings of your article/post pages by removing the amazon banner, unless of course its making some money. I doubt though.

    4) remove the captcha from the comments – plugins like akismet and bad-behavaiour are good enough to keep spam away 🙂


    Thanks very much weddingcakes for your nice review and suggestions.

    1) Because of the way this site combines a Chinese Ancient Verse (which is a independent post) with an English translation (which is a separate and independent post); I need to keep the unfriendly URL names. There is no doubt that this design is not optimal for SEO.

    2) Soon, I will be changing the whole side panel ads blocks to either a skyscraper or a 300×250 block. I am leaning towards the 300×250 block; as found in Hotmail.

    3) I think you are right, for the amount of comments I receive, I will let akismet do this job.

    Thank you again, your comments are most beneficial to me.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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