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  1. bsmalldesign
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    http://www.telstarhosted.com was working fine until this morning. Then, I simply went in and created a page called 'Landing Page Test' and it had a slug of 'landing-page-test'. All of a sudden, when I would type in the url of 'www.telstarhosted.com' it would automatically point to 'www.telstarhosted.com/landing-page-test'. I did nothing special to the page when I created it and didn't even enter content (and used the default template for the 'Delegate' Woo theme).

    I temporarily did a jimmy-rig fix and used redirection to point the incorrect page to the /home page, so the site is functional. I just want to know if anyone has had that issue and how I fix. I did not change the .htaccess, the Settings > General > Blog/Site Address or anything like that. The IT guy for the client is being a total asshole and says that he can't help because it's a wordpress issue and he doesn't know the wordpress internal system. Please help me out if you know what could be causing this. Thanks!

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