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  1. noahfshearer
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi my site's main page thetechnolon.com renders correctly in Internet Explorer. But the sub pages such as http://thetechnolon.com/category/opinion/ do not. The header gets all messed up and the sidebar freaks out. What do I have to change in the layout to make this not happen. My site is based on the wordpress theme ThemeMeme Aperio Prototype. Please help.


  2. You have some incorrect syntax, which IE can be very unforgiving about. In particular, look at the errors for misplaced <div> tags.


    To narrow down the problem what I usually do is copy the entire generated source code into a file, and preview it locally in a browser, removing one element at a time and validating after each to isolate the problem. When you've isolated the problem, you can then figure out which WP theme file has the issue, and fix it.

  3. BTW, if you could specify which version of IE is having the issue someone might be able to take a look and troubleshoot a bit more easily.

  4. I just noticed you have a large chunk of code between your closing </head> and opening <body> tags. There should be nothing at all between those two tags. It's the same on your homepage so not sure this is related to your issue, but you should really fix that.

  5. noahfshearer
    Posted 4 years ago #

    The whole site has the same header. Yet it doesn't work in all versions of IE on JUST the following pages. http://thetechnolon.com/category/reviews/ http://thetechnolon.com/category/opinion/ other wise all the other pages work fine in IE. There is no problem with the site in any other browser.

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