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  • The site I’m working on, has recently just started to refresh itself every time I click on a link on any one of the pages. Even when I click on the lightbox pictures or the slideshow on the front, the page just refreshes.

    Does anyone know what the problem could be? Do you think it could be an unfinished code in my style.css?

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  • Are your links actual links… or are they placeholder links?

    <a href="#">Placeholder Link</a>

    Well, the normal links within the site are working, it’s mostly just the links to the images and the scrolling part of the slideshow on the front page.

    If you go to ‘portfolio’ and try to press on an image you can see what I mean. It just randomly happened without anyone doing anything which is why it’s so strange! So no placeholder links

    You are using a lot of different JavaScript libraries. The behaviour of reloading the page (what I see is that after clicking an image I get redirected back to the homepage?) looks to me as if there is a JavaScript problem. (instead of just catching and changing the click-event it seems that the default event is still triggered). So I suspect there is either an error in your JavaScript or 2 libraries are conflicting.

    Thanks for your reply Umbercode! And yes I realize I am, but it’s never been a problem before, it just suddenly stopped working. Do you think if I just reinstall the libraries/plugins the problem could be solved? or do I need to find another one to use?

    Its also really weird because on some pages, like this one, the whole page is pretty much “clickable” and loops to the front page, even though there is not a single link on the page except the menus:

    Sorry for spamming this thread, but I figured out my problem! It was the fact that the header was clickable made the whole site clickable for some reason. I added a home button in the menu for now but would still like the header to be clickable..
    anyone know any other way to do this than adding a code in header.php?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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