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  • Recently, I posted a link to my site, as I had redesigned it and wanted feedback.

    Well, the feedback was basically: “Yuck.”

    After taking all of the constructive criticism, I scrapped it altogether and started over.

    Less images on the page, quicker loading time, less posts. These are things I changed to make the site look more simple and focus on the content.

    Anyway, if you want to check it out here, I’d appreciate any feedback.

    Thanks, as always!

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  • Mmmm Nudies

    From that last post it take it is NSFW. Will have to wait until home to check it out.

    Very smooth. Although one thing, the horizontal navigation bar’s text is this light aqua blue on white. I can barely read it. It’s fine once I mouse over it, but otherwise it’s pretty difficult. Perhaps make that text a little darker.

    Other than that, pretty good. And you still kept that bizarre gif 🙂 me likes.

    Looks decent, a couple things-

    in the sidebar hovering over a link goes from

    font-weight: normal


    font-weight: bold

    That’s the worst hover effect in history. Get rid of it, ASAP.

    The content column looks prett crip, on the bottom bar, I’m not sure about the grey background, it’s kind of dark. Maybe lighten it up to something like e2e2e2. Also, move the “about” section from below the list of recent posts to under the search so the footer’s not so big vertically

    A great improvement, I like the nice banner, and I’m sure you’ll get better in that respect with your artistic design.

    The sidebar has some difference in the link and link hover, just make them the same, also darken the link text and maybe use a bullet in your ul li.

    I still think the animation monkey is perhaps not needed, the main reason i’d give is that, after the first visit, it gets annoying. It is 38kb in file size, you could have an animated banner for that sort of file size. Unless you’ve made it yourself, it will likely be on 10,000 other websites, Chinese versions, German versions and so on.

    If I were you, I’d look at designing a Monkey Pup, using a monkey and a puppy, then give it maybe 7 frames. Just a discreet wink and a smile would be ok. You need a logo with a blog named in such a manner.

    The animation also has no alternative text either. Easy to ammend.

    Clean. Responsive.

    Not sure I like the colors/design but nothing ‘clashes’.

    Hover effect does feel clumsy.

    mmm. Nudies. However, gets a 404. Same with

    +10 for honesty, BTW.

    thanks for the feedback, everyone. I’ll continue to tweak until even Resiny likes it (joking!).

    As for Domokun, he’ll be a fixture on my site until you pry him out of my dead cold hands. (smile)

    My site is safe for work for the most part. There is a link to my nudie gallery in the header, but none are ever on the main page. Also, there is the occasional swear word, but anytime a link is nsfw, I mark it as such.

    And those links, Yosemite, are working now. Thanks. You pervert. (Smile)

    Domokun rocks, I have one on my desk.

    Here he is being eaten by my friend Bex,

    That has nothing to do with your site, but its all good, it’s DOMOKUN!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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