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  • Good evening,

    I’ve had nothing but problems with my current host. My website is suffering ongoing page load errors and slowness in logging into my dashboard. My host company suggests that this could be a problem with a couple of lines in my database and have asked me to comment them out. However when I open my sql file in notepad, the lines they refer to appear as dashes and squares ([]——-[] etc). I’ve tried changing the font but I can’t get to the lines they refer to.

    The lines they want me to comment out are:

    CREATE DATABASE xxxxxxxxxxx DEFAULT CHARACTER SET latin1 COLLATE latin1_swedish_ci;
    USE xxxxxxxxxxx;

    1. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
    2. Will commenting these lines out help at all?
    3. How can I view these lines of code in an editor?

    Any help appreciated as I’m losing site visitors due to page load errors and time outs.

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  • If your WordPress is already installed, deleting those lines wouldn’t do anything. All it is is the call to create the table (when you first install WordPress) and it’s not used any after that. Changing the font won’t do anything either – SQL doesn’t pay attention to formatting.

    You might try visiting your site with Firebug. I’ve found that tool very helpful in tracking down the reason for site slowness. You didn’t provide a link, so I can’t go look myself.

    Hi doodlebee,

    I have Firebug installed but I don’t know it well enough to work out how the database is causing all the errors, if that is what the problem is. If you could provide me with some pointers I would be very grateful. My site is

    Thank you for your time.

    In Firefox in get a message about missing plugins to view media on your site…it seems to be looking for something called applicaiton/geplugin

    I would imagine that may have something to do with it…does this sound like some plugin you are using? If so, disable it and see what happens. In fact, you may want to disable all plugins nad see what happens.

    Actually, the page loaded up for me in about 8 seconds – which is about what your max load time should be. it is, however, asking me to install a plugin – the one figaro mentioned above. Youve’ also got several 3rd party scripts running (mostly googe – google ads, google maps) I know that Google Maps is known to mess with WP sites. I’ve had to fix a couple of them because in IE, the page won’t load at all. Some conflict with something – usually another plugin.

    You should know that the more 3rd party scripts you have, the slower your site will be to load, because your site is waiting for the 3rd party site to load whatit’s doing before yours finishes. That’s why most 3rd party sites tell you to place their code right before the closing body tag – it’ll be the last thing to load, and everything else will come up while your site is waiting fo 3rd parties to load.

    For the record, Firebug doesn’t look at your database. It looks at your site code (theme files0 to see what’s clogging the drain. I agree with figaro – you need to deactivate your plugins and see what’s slowing you down.

    Also, don’t forget – it could also be your host or ISP – if there’s a break in “hops” between where you are and where your server is located, then that will slow you down as well. like I said, it loaded up right quick for me – so it could be as simple as some server along the path has gone down.

    Wait one mo. Don’t get too carried away with thinking this is something to do with third-party scripts. My problem also happens when trying to log into the Dashboard. As for editing posts – how many times has it timed out when clicking ‘update post’? Too many.

    The reason for my original post is because my host tech support reckons the problem could be a line in my database. I’ve researched this elsewhere and have been told the lines they suggest (which don’t exist in my database anyway) would not cause this problem.

    It’s encouraging to hear that the site loaded up ok for you, doodlebee, despite that plug-in (which I might remove). FTP-ing is still fast… but then that is outside of the database. I’d be interested to hear from other users how quickly the home page loads up.

    >>Don’t get too carried away with thinking this is something to do with third-party scripts. <<

    I only said that because, when I used Firebug, that’s what it was reporting – your 3rd party script IS indeed what tales the longest to load. Which isn’t surprising, because when you’re using 3rd party scripts, you’re not only waiting on *your* server to load it up, but your server won’t even load your stuff until *their* stuff is loaded. That’ just the way it works. If *their* server is down, then *your* site takes a long time in trying to force their stuff to load before timing out.

    As for your host, sounds like your host doesn’t want to take any responsibility for their part of the server issues. If they are saying a line – that doesn’t even matter – is the problem, then they want to blame someone else instead of trying to solve the problem. Not a sign of a good host, unfortunately.

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