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  • lyndatreb


    I am getting so confused and getting so many different answers when it comes to pinging my WordPress blog. I have a blog hosted at HostGator. I have XML Sitemap Generator installed. At this point I don’t know if I’m pinging too much, not pinging enough, or maybe I’m not pinging at all.

    1) Do I need to add other ping sites in addition to pingomatic in my WordPress settings?

    2) Is WordPress pinging automatically for me or do I need to manually do it?

    3) I was having trouble one day getting the preview button to work on a post and I was trying to make some adjustments. The only way I could view it was to publish it. I published it several times within that hour. If WordPress pinged for me each time I published, is it possible that I could have caused problems for my site by pinging too much — possibly gotten banned for spamming.

    4) How do I know if my site has been blocked from the pinging sites?

    I would appreciate it so much if someone could help me with this because I can’t seem to get any straight answers about it anywhere else.


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  • Eric Robert


    You have alot of good questions, some I can answer and others I would still like to know also.

    1. You don’t need to add other pinging sites unless you want to ping more sites. I honestly think alot of them don’t even really do the pinging services. Make sure one pingomatic doesn’t ping the same place in your list. That would be double pinging and may be considered spammy.

    2. WordPress automatically pings after you make a post, unless you checked the box to not let others to know about it.

    3. I think it maybe possible that you got banned and I think it happended to me also. I wish someone told me about it beforehand. But if you have a plugin that prevents it from being pinged again, you should be okay- this is what the plugin “Max BlogPress Ping Optimizer” does. Does anyone know of another plugin that does the same thing?

    4. I would like to know this also.

    Also, one more tip. I also have a XML Sitemap Generator and in the settings area it has a “notify Google” section where it pings when a post is made. I unchecked this box to prevent the Sitemap Generator from pinging in addition to the “Update Services”. I haven’t got an answer from anyone if this double pings and makes it look spammy or not. But it makes sense that it would double ping so I unchecked it.



    Thanks for the reply. I was wondering also about the XML Sitemap Generator, because I have it installed also. It’s so hard to get answers about this type of thing. I deleted all of the ping sites except pingomatic in my list.

    About the fact that I had edited several times in one day, someone over in the Digital Point Forum told me not to worry about it — said that you would only have problems if you’re having excessive pinging on a regular basis.

    I made a new blog post yesterday and it was indexed in Google within one minute, so do you think maybe that’s an indication that everything is still okay?

    I guess I’m having a little trouble understanding the difference between pinging using a service like pingomatic and submitting to Google with the XML Sitemap Generator. Is it the same thing?

    Eric Robert


    Well, I don’t think that if a person has one problem that may look spammy such as excessive pinging, would be the end to the whole site anyway. Just make sure you correct the problem and gets some links pointing to it will get you back anyway.

    Pingomatic submits to multiple sites including google which I think you understand. I believe XML Sitemap Generator does do the same thing to ping Google. If you go to the creator of the plugin’s site, he states that it pings when you make a post.

    I hope that helps and let me know if you have any other questions.

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