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  • I’ve always been mad about designs and skins and that’s one reason WordPress held such an attraction for me. But now, I’ve decided I want to write more and tweak and fiddle less. I’d just about made up my mind that I wanted content only on the “front” page and satellite pages for all my other “stuff.” Then came along Wahgnube and his very elegant WP site. I was sold.

    Here’s my site redesign. I’ve gotten so excited about it, I even ditched the Christmas skin I had just put up!

    It validates, but I’d like to know of any problems especially on the Site Map page and on the header.

    Wahgnube used a departure from Kubrick, I believe, to create his design. My Site Map is two floated divisions, so I’m worried that I might have munged something, although it looks fine in IE6, Opera 8.5 and Firefox on a Windowz box.


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  • Awesome! Super clean, super readable. And I’m glad you feel the way I do. (That’s always a pleasant feeling isn’t it?)

    Write people, write.

    (I keep advertising this, but if you’re wondering about how it looks on different platforms, just use sites like It works, and works well.)

    It is kinda a very plain theme. However some people like so well donw.


    VERY nice…. clean, easy to navigate, I didn’t see any problems (FF 1.5, IE 6, Op 8.5….)

    Do you know someone named Shayne in the same profession by any chance?

    vkaryk, no, I don’t, but the law firm where I work has over 600 employees. I found myself waiting for a bus one day and struck up a convo with a girl who complained about how big and impersonal her office was. I asked her where she worked. She worked at the same place I did and we had never laid eyes on each other before!

    *laughing* Yeah, been there done that….

    Happy Holidays, joni and roberto….

    I do have a few suggestions though.

    1. Listing all posts dating back 4 or so years on the site-map page does make it a little busy.
    2. You could probably list a couple more pages on the front page, giving posts a bit more face time before they disappear.
    3. With the new lack of colour differential, the password hidden away is going to be ridiculously hard to find :).

    No it wasn’t, just highlight….

    That’s what I meant. I don’t remember having to yesterday:).

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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