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  • I cannot find my site online. I followed the instructions for installation, I thought, and I have a page that registers as published. But the page, using either the url or the tagline, doesn’t show up when I search.
    Did I miss something in the installation? I have WP free blogs, but they are not similar to the paid site.
    Is WP through BlueHost not actually hosted, just a sitebuilder? Am I going to have to buy more software or pay someone to put the site up?

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    Is WP through BlueHost not actually hosted, just a sitebuilder? Am I going to have to buy more software or pay someone to put the site up?

    have you asked BlueHost these questions?

    Site url?

    Are you saying that you cannot find your WordPress site in a Google search, or any search engine?

    That’s not a WordPress site.

    I registered a new domain name and purchased a year’s hosting through BlueHost. I chose WordPress for design. (I have used WP before.) I set up my site using WP, and published one page three days ago as a test. WP shows this as published on its dashboard. That is why I thought I would try this forum.
    No one…not me, my family, nor several of my friends…is able to find the site online through any browser. I suspect I have missed something and was trying to figure out where to look on WP’s dashboard.
    Since posting this query less than twenty-four hours ago I have received:
    1. Your questions asking if I have hosting on BlueHost. Your helpful answers are to ask BlueHost. That will be my next step. However, I chose to start with the WP forum, in case the error was there. After all, WP shows the post as published, a somewhat misleading stat if, in fact, it isn’t online.
    2. Good question, esmi. I would provide that but I have concerns about privacy on these forums because:
    a. Since the original post, I have received several emails sent directly to my private email (not redirected from this forum), all trying to sell me SEO or site design software or services. Since there is no new site online, I strongly suspect someone is phishing this forum.
    b. As I was writing this, marchetal kindly posted an advertisement here. I thought that was not the purpose of this forum.
    So, yes, you can all say “Good Riddance.” This was useless and I was treated rudely and may have had my email hacked. Thanks!

    2a) We cannot stop people browsing these forums and trying to contact people directly. All we can do is strongly recommend that you never answer any of these emails. Since you say that your WP site is online, sharing the url with us is not exactly a privacy issue. It’s presumably available (somewhere) for all the world to see.

    2b) Again, we cannot stop people posting to this forum. For all we know, that person was a partner of yours who was providing the information I asked for. We’re good but we’re not psychic. The poster in question has now been marked as a spammer.

    Your email has not been hacked. You added a link to a WordPress site of yours when you registered on these forums. It is a simple matter for anyone to look up the owner of that domain name for any contact details. Would that by the WordPress site you are referring to, by any chance? If so, I can see it without the slightest problem.

    Now may I suggest you calm down? No one has treated you rudely. In fact, 4 people so far have been trying to assist you here – at your request – for free – no strings attached. Ranting at them because you received junk mail from another source is not the way to elicit help.

    I assume the post with the URL has now been removed.

    As Esmi says, all we were trying to do was help, That is what these forums are for.

    I assume the post with the URL has now been removed.

    Yes – as soon as I realised that it had nothing to do with the OP.

    I received an Email from WordPress<wordpress@localhost> Stating ” Your new WorldPress site Has Been successfully set up at: http://localhost/~mathemat“.
    All attempts to reach my site have been unsuccessful as Safari can’t connect to the
    server. Safari sends, a failure to open page notice as follows: “Safari can’t open the page
    ‘http://localhost/~mathemat ‘ because Safari can’t connect to the server ‘localhost'”.
    Please advise.

    @blueheart today all the websites hosted on bluehost was down for 6 hours including my website too. They were performing some upgrade work. They must have emailed you. Just check!

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