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    Audiobar works but I believe it is preventing my site from google’s web crawl due to the iframe wrapping. This is the only reason I can see that would explain why the site still isn’t showing up. I see someone else has had the same problem, can you recommend a solution?

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  • Your logic is heavily flawed. [ unpleasant remark removed by moderator ] and I would highly suggest removing your rating. [ unpleasant remark removed by moderator ]

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    Thanks for reminding me to update this.
    So, the site didn’t show up on google at all for months. Got rid of Audio bar, and a few days later the site shows up on first page of results, with the same search terms as before.

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    A little harsh bsavi…

    Moderator cubecolour


    Bsavi, Please read the forum welcome page and take note of the guidelines there on how to behave on these forums.

    If you believe putting the site into a frameset or iframe does not harm a site’s ranking, please feel free to discuss this it in a reasoned non-confrontational manner.

    Plugin Author carlocapocasa


    Hi there! Thanks for using Audiobar.

    Killing google ratings sucks, of course. If I really did kill your ranking, I am very sorry!

    In general terms, Audiobar is about having the iframe for continuous playback, and then work towards making that iframe have as few side effects as possible.

    For SEO, Audiobar puts your entire home page content within the iframe tags, so Google can access it without loading the iframe at all. The assumption being that that backup content would be treated equally.

    It seemed to work well enough for me, but I didn’t do a long term A/B test. Assuming what you say is correct, I might have been wrong. Or Google changed the way it works and made me wrong after the fact.

    Since this is very important, I will change the SEO approach to simply disabling audiobar if the browser user agent is a known spider.

    Until then, you could also try working around the issue by installing a Google Sitemap plugin.

    Plugin Author carlocapocasa


    @bsavi: While I do appreciate your support, I would like to politely ask you to be courteous, that would help out very much. I would like pjabtg
    to feel very welcome here, and he seems to have had a very good reason to rate me poorly. Even if he didn’t, the audiobar forums are a place where we need to be friendly. I know your intentions are good, so thank you for that.

    Plugin Author carlocapocasa


    Okay so I have done a little research and have found some evidence that iframes are fine with Google, but perhaps not with Bing.

    To get to the bottom of this, there are currently three identical test sites: sda s3b and s3c. These are blank wordpress sites with a random themes and some sample content. They are absolutely identical, except: s3a has no audiobar, s3b has ordinary audiobar as it is now, and s3c disables audiobar if the user agent string says it is a Robot. This experiment started on April 7 2013 and the winner will go into the next release. More information on

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