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    My website works perfectly in every browser except IE (I’m using 8) – just a blank screen although the coding is there under ‘view source’. I’ve cleared my cache, deactivated all plugins even checked in Private Browsing but still no joy – can anybody help?
    My site is:
    I’m using TwentyTen theme.

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  • I can’t see it in IE either.

    Try and put a valid document type. The one you have there is wrong.

    Good point but no luck. I have other TwentyTen themes and they also have no valid document type and work just fine so any other ideas!?

    well, you have a conditional for rounded border behavior for anything lower than IE 9.

    Remove it from the <head> tag and only use it on the style.css (or the other way around), check the instructions for using that .htc, check the mime types allowed (maybe is not allowed) or look for different solution for rounded borders.

    Okay tried that by not only moving it but deleted the .htc file and all references to it in header.php but to no avail – things not looking good!
    Plan C ?

    Which browser did you create/modify the template in initially?

    Firefox 3.6.11
    As i say all works fine there as it does in other browsers. I have another site originating from TwentyTen also created in a similar way but that looks fine in IE.

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    you have many validation errors, try resolving them. and then also validate your CSS.

    Point taken, I’ll work my way through them and see how we go.
    Hopefully this’ll sort it out. Many thanks.

    Hi guys,

    Many thanks. A few tweeks still to sort out but the validation errors pointed me in the right direction – must remember that for next time.
    The main reason was ‘incorrectly nested elements’ ie I was missing </title> tag !!

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    Glad you got it working.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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