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  • In trying to fix my blog posts, I have hosed up my entire site!!! The problem began with trying to set one page, “Head Out On The Highway,” as a static homepage and the page “What’s New” as my blog posts page. That in itself may be my first problem. Is that how I really want/need to set up? Those two pages have been created and may be ok as a page. When I try to add a blog post to the “What’s New” page I get nothing. What I type in the blog doesn’t appear, the page I set-up using Elementor (header, sidebar) doesn’t snow up, the verbage in my header shows up but not the picture. I probably need a reset button to go back to original settings, because I’ve probably changed so many presets trying to find a cure. NOW, to top it all off, WordPress does not recognize I have a site. They only way I can get to it is by typing in the URL. HELP!!!! I think I should order the book WordPress for Dummies.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • lisa


    if you are using Elementor page builder plugin and are finding that things are not working as expected, please contact the Elementor support team for guidance.
    start a new topic:

    (there are tools to use if decide you want to erase everything and completely start over.)

    Well, I can’t find any blog posts there on your website…

    I used the RSS Feed to look for posts and it was empty. Do you have anything in ‘posts’? All I can see are pages. The RSS feed isn’t something you need to concern yourself with right now but I use it as a tool to look at posts… and you don’t seem to have any.

    You’ll need posts to populate your blog. Pages are not blog posts!

    The only plugin I see is Elemator (or whatever it’s called). Trying to use that may be part of what is confusing you right now.

    Right now I’d like for you to go into settings

    Dashboard –> Settings –> Reading and then set

    ‘Your homepage displays’ back to ‘Your latest posts’.

    Create a blog post… Go to your website and the main page should show your new blog post!

    The other page, ‘What’s New’ doesn’t show up so you are getting a 404 error.

    Deal with that next!

    The Dummies books are all good. I still use my ‘WordPress for Dummies’ once in a while as a reference.

    Let us know what else you need help with…

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    You can’t find blog posts because I can’t create any. In the beginning I didn’t know the difference between pages and posts. Sorry for being a dummy, huge learning curve for me. I would love to be able to get into my site and then set up a new post.

    I followed the steps you laid out for me to add a new post. I wrote up a short little blog (no need to spend much time on it until I know it works). When I preview it, or even if I publish it, nothing that I typed in appears. All I get is and gray and white page with the words, not pictures, of my page headers appears.

    by the way Lisa, I tried contacting Elementor. They only want to chat with me if I upgrade to a Pro account. Now why would I want to do that if I can’t get a basic account to work?



    Maybe the proper guidance can be obtained from the Elementor knowledgebase or participants in the community of Elementor page builder plugin users (if you have determined that free support is not provided for the basic plugin).

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    Is it possible for you to enable me to get back into my site again? When I try to get in through WordPress I get the message telling me I don’t have a site. I may just trash the whole thing and start over again, but I have already paid for 3 years of WordPress.

    I am beyond frustration and just want a do over. JNash Hawkins I think jokingly referred to this, but seriously, I want to take down my entire site and start from scratch. I want to keep my same URL. I have ordered some WordPress and Elementor books for dummies. Everything is so hosed up on my page, a reset option would be nice. I hate loosing all the work I put into it, but ……

    Contact your Hoster and ask if they can restore a Server backup. First try to remember on what date your site was working correctly. Tell them that date or earlier.

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