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  • Hi, I’m in charge of an activist website a church from my hometown runs. All I normally do is post flyers they send me on the site and have never had any problems. For some reason though, when I did this recently, something seems to have gone wrong and the site won’t load beyond a certain point. You can see this here:

    Does anybody know what’s going wrong or how to fix this?

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  • So if im understanding correctly, all you did was add some content to the site and this happened. Is their anything else you can let us know of that could have caused this. Maybe a plugin upload?

    I believe so. I definitely didn’t install a plugin, though I might have accidentally altered the code. Is there anyway to reinstall the layout or fix the coding?

    Well if you were only editing the post/page, then the code should be fine.

    One thing I would stress is that our WordPress install is WAY out of date. I haven’t seen that kind of login since the 2.0 days. 😛

    If you have a back up, you could get the code from there. Or you could just re-install the fresh theme.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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