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    I installed a new site with new domain name on a new webhosting account and I was able to successfully login to WP Admin.

    I then transferred files (wp-content themes and plugins) from the old site here via FTP to the new site. I was able to view the site live (whoopie) but it contained the old site’s domain name. I also uploaded .sql from the old site to the new site (it contained the old site’s references) and I was able to change the domain name and all it’s references via phpMyAdmin after reading

    I had a problem logging into WP admin but I found out that it was due to the login details no longer matching due to the old site’s .sql details overriding it. After looking at WordPress Codex, I was able to login to the new site.

    Inside WP admin, I’m able to see the 2012 parent theme and child theme that I ftp’d. I also saw the list of plugins. The custom css data is also present in the child theme but when I visit the site’s domain here, the child theme isn’t loading at all.

    Could someone help me fix this display problem? I read which states to add the following code but I’m hesitant:
    define('WP_ALLOW_REPAIR', true);

    FYI: Other related issues I’m having are:
    1. I’m unable to upload plugins from my desktop to the WP admin. I keep getting this message:
    Unable to create directory uploads/2013/02. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

    2. I’m unable to delete plugins from WP admin and unable to upgrade W3TC. I keep getting the following message:
    To perform the requested action, WordPress needs to access your web server. Please enter your FTP credentials to proceed. If you do not remember your credentials, you should contact your web host.

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    Can I still perform the reach&replace after messing up the database? I want to avoid having to reinstall.

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    Carefully review and follow the instructions of the Codex Link I listed in my previous post.

    I did a search and replace for the domain name without the .com and wit the .com and in each instance, the tool works. See this:

    In the process of replacing “sellsmore” with “findfree” we scanned 29 tables with a total of 727 rows, 4 cells were changed and 4 db update performed and it all took 0.096423 seconds.

    I also read the comment thread (1st page) at
    cause someone still had problems after using the tool. The site display was resolved when the went to permalinks settings and clicked SAVE button. I did the same but my site still isn’t displaying.

    I reinstalled WP with a new database. I did not ftp any files from the old website nor did I upload a .sql to the database. I logged into WP admin after installing it and everything looks fine. However, whenever I want to install a plugin from the plugin repository or upload a plugin from my desktop, I get the following screen and I have to enter my ftp details each time.


    Anyway, I manually uploaded a 2012 child theme from my desktop and neither the child theme or the parent theme is display on the site. I’ve never had to give ftp details to upload or install plugins from WP admin.

    Could someone help me fix this problem? I’m at my wits end here.

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    Try manually uploading plugin via FTP.

    I was able to upload the plugins via WP admin but I had to connect to ftp each time — I was simply stating that I never had to enter ftp details to upload plugins from the repository or .zip files from my desktop.

    I wonder why my site isn’t displaying after reinstalling it.

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    I wonder why my site isn’t displaying after reinstalling it.

    I want to make sure I understand you. Are you saying your site does not disappears after you install a pluging?


    I’m saying that my site isn’t displaying after installing WordPress. The above posts are a record of the troublehooting I’m doing in my attempt to get my site displaying. If you visit the new site you’ll see that it isn’t displaying at all. The plugins have nothing to do with the site not displaying.

    I’m reading where someone said theme not displaying cause calling “localhost” in the theme and not the actual domain name. How do I check that the actual domain name is being called in the theme?

    I’m also reading for a solution.

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    have you contacted your hosting provider and discussed with the problem with them?

    In my original post, I clearly stated that I have an unmanaged webhosting service.

    I fixed the problem myself and !! SURPRISE !! it was a simple one. There is a index.html and index.php file in the root folder. The .php file is WordPress but .html is created with each new domain name. I removed this .html and Voila! My site is displaying.

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    Glad you got it sorted out 🙂

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