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  • Hi

    I have 7 websites on a Plesk server. All have many ‘WordPress Instances’ active.

    All ‘Instances’ are resetting to the default ‘Site Title’ (on General Settings Page) which reads ‘My CMS’!

    Have re-loaded several past back-up copies; all pre-dated this disaster; to no good effect!!

    Created a new ‘WordPress Instance’ (i.e. no virus) and immedately had the same problem.

    Have used ‘WP Lock Pages plugin’, which has prevented this return to default from happening immediately, but only defers for and hour or anything up to a day!!!

    But this does briefly allow URL wp logins (with the default My CMS Site Name,the browser login option does not respond).

    Any ideas/solutions desperately needed, please?

    I am a WYSIWYG user, so not good with too much coding, but always willing to learn.

    Thanks in advance,
    John V

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  • Maybe, an older Plesk (version 10) is causing the trouble.

    Thanks for your reply Krishna. I have Plesk 10.4.4. Will look into version 11 with my hosting provider!

    Do you know of any way that I could remove the Site Name default function from each of my wordpress applications? This way I could really sleep at night, and relax more in the day time?!


    john v

    I have Plesk 10.4.4. Will look into version 11 with my hosting provider!

    Well, you may try that and won’t take much time. If that resolves the issue that would be the ideal fix. If you cannot, report back. Then, we shall try other usual troubleshooting steps (that can be troublesome for separately for all your sites!).

    Hi Krishna.

    Server support aer to install Pleask 11 for me. Will let you know after monitoring for a few days,when done.

    Thanks again.

    john v

    Hi Krishna.

    Plesk 11. now installed. Sadly no change!

    My server provider ran tests, over the week, and have satisfied themselves that it is a WordPress issue, related to all the individual WP installs!

    Interestingly, twoo of my wp installs have remained unaffected throughout. They are on different domain names to each other, and are using much earlier WP versions to all the other problematic ones!

    Any ideas would be appreciated?


    john v

    I’ve seen this on Plesk 11 installs. I think it has something to do with permissions and or .htaccess.

    Did you solve it?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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