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  • jgold723


    I develop my sites in a subdirectory of public_html (i.e. I instruct Softaculous to install WordPress there and I build the site.

    When I’m done, I update the site URL in the settings area, then move all the WordPress files up one level to public_html (i.e.

    I usually need to do some cleanup of urls afterwards, but the system works fine for me.

    Problem is, Softaculous still thinks the site is in the subdirectory and I keep getting warnings that my WordPress installation is out of date (even when the active site has been updated).

    What’s the best way to fix this, without breaking the live site?

    1) I can delete the subdirectory site in Softaculous — but I don’t want that to affect the live site;

    2) It looks like I can also change the path to the site in Softaculous — if I remove the subdirectory, will Softaculous now recognize that real, live site?

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  • Carike


    At your own risk 🙂

    It is possible to delete a site from Softaculous without actually deleting the site / database / database user.

    It is also possible to discover WordPress sites on Softaculous that were not originally created by Softaculous.

    Thus it should be possible to delete the site (from Softaculous only, without deleting the files / database / database user) and then search for it again so it can be managed by Softaculous at its new location.

    Always make sure that you have the necessary backups for your site.

    All the best.




    I am from the Softaculous team. You can edit the path and URL from edit installation page and it will recognize the installation at the new location. Here is the guide for the same :

    Do let us know if you face any issues.

    Softaculous Team

    OK, maybe carike answered this above, but here is another scenario:

    When I redesign/redevelop a WordPress site, I will create a subfolder (i.e. newsite) on the server where I will install a second WordPress installation and develop the new site there (i.e. public_html/newsite)

    When I’m done, I back up, then delete all the files for the old site (in public_html). Then I move all the new site files up one level from newsite to public_html.

    I update urls in the new site and I’m good to go.

    However, now Softaculous shows two installations:

    1) The original in public_html (which has been deleted)
    2) The new site in public_html/newsite (which has been moved to public_html)

    How do I handle this?

    Based on what Carike says, I guess I would delete the old installation (without deleting any files) and then update the url and path of the new installation.


    1) The original in public_html (which has been deleted)

    You can delete this installation from Softaculous records using the following guide :
    1. To just delete from Softaculous records:
    2. To delete from Softaculous records and also delete files and database :

    2) The new site in public_html/newsite (which has been moved to public_html)

    Now once the record for public_html is deleted you can edit the “newsite” installation in Softaculous and update the URL and Path :

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