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Site move, all contact form options are lost

  • Hi,

    I just found out that it appears as if all configured options are lost if I move my site from one domain to another. I usually do this when I deploy from a development/staging server to a live server by dumping the entire database, global search&replace on the base url in the DB dump and then re-upload the patched DB to the new server. So far, this always worked. There is one site now which uses FSCF and I just saw that all the configurations I mad on the development server get lost with the above process. What am I missing ?



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  • Do you know if the configuration data for the plugin is stored in a “serialized” format (several options put into one wp_options entry)?

    If so, and if the base url is part of the options, then what may help is

    Database Search and Replace Script in PHP

    that handles the search and replace correctly even in serialized data.

    That script is referenced as a recommendation in the codex entry Moving WordPress.

    Best wishes.

    Plugin Author Mike Challis


    You should have used the form backup tool on the form edit page to back up all your forms, then on the new site, restore them. After that, just edit each form making sure the redirect URLs are correct.

    ?? I’m sure that would work, but if a plugin needs to have its data backed up separately, moving a site from one domain to another quickly becomes quite cumbersome. Yes, actually changing a domain name may be rare, but moving from development to test to production isn’t — and having to repeat a series of manual steps just seems odd and error prone. Is that really the only way to backup the forms?

    Your discussion http://www.fastsecurecontactform.com/backup-restore-forms talks about the dangers of editing the database because some data is serialized. The script above does, however, claim to handle that.

    But maybe there’s something specific to this plugin that means its own backup/restore is preferable. Thanks for the tip.

    Thanks Mike, I suspected something like this, but obviously I was blind and didn’t see the backup button.

    And also thanks for pointing out the potential dangers of s&r on the DB dump – I wasn’t aware of that ! Seems so far I always got lucky.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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