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  • I just deleted my database on godaddy

    I then deleted all the wordpress files in my folders in godaddy

    I recreated my database and reuploaded my wordpress files

    Now when I go to the following link

    the asthetics are gone, instead of hte login looking really nice and in the middle of my screen, it shows in the upper left hand corner.

    Also, after I have logged in, I get the same loss of asthetics.

    Anyone know what is wrong?

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  • All of your URL’s have “wp-login.php” in them. You have an addressing error.

    Your wordpress addresses should not contain “wp-login.php”. If you have put “wp-login.php” anywhere in your wordpress addresses in the dashboard, it needs to be removed.

    If this is a temporary domain your host assigned to you, contact them and have them fix it.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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