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    An editor at a major paper told me she can’t view my site: “Your site is looping on my computer screen and I can’t scroll down in it; nor can I get rid of it and try to start over.” She said she won’t come back until I assure her it’s working and safe.

    I’ve spent the whole day now trying to troubleshoot it. I upgraded one step up to 3.5, deleted all unused plugins, and tested it on securi site and another site, both saying it’s safe. I also tested it in Adobe BrowserLabs. It comes up fine in Safari and Firefox, but in IE8 and 7 it won’t show. I have IE8, and can confirm it crashes every single time I try to load the site.

    In my stats, I can see that she attempted to visit the page 8 times. I haven’t seen this in stats before.

    What else can I do to test it, or fix it? I have Firebug and can’t understand how it works.

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  • It might have something to do with a jquery. How do you update the jquery?

    Christine Rondeau


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    From looking at the source code it looks like you have the most recent jQuery version.
    Have you tried testing your site on IE8 with a different theme? That would at least narrow it down. If it’s not the theme, then I would try and deactivate all plugins and the reactivate them one by one.

    It looks like you have your favicon link in between the head and the body – I don’t know if that would cause major problems – but you should probably fix that:

    Oh, gee, Christine, I kept thinking it was IE’s fault and completely forgot about trying another theme! Thanks! The 20-10 theme loaded up just fine in ie8, so it must be my theme that I spent weeks putting together….

    Not sure if I want to give that theme up just yet, but will think about it.

    WPyogi, I’ll go through the validator, thanks, and maybe that will make my theme usable.

    I updated the theme, Brunelleschi, but it won’t load in IE7 or IE8, so it’s unusable if those visitors can’t see me. Too bad, I really liked it! Am adding this to tags so other people can find this, and maybe author can correct it.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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