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    We recently designed a site for our Press ( and we’re trying to iron out a few wrinkles and add some finishing touches before we launch it.

    There are two issues that we just cannot seem to resolve and I fear that we’re about to achieve a state of collective insanity. Firstly, on the book page that we just created for a specific book (, the text constantly shifts upwards. I’ve tried adding line breaks to keep the text in place, but it only works for a short while and then the line breaks that I’ve entered seem to disappear.

    Secondly, we’ve just come to realize that our site looks completely rubbish in IE. I’ve read that IE adds its own padding, etc. and that this could be the source of our problem, because it seems as though on that same book page as mentioned above the menus and the tables and the text and the images become squished together. I’ve also noted that some of the text style changes in IE as well. Is it possible to create a new css style sheet for IE only, and therefore tweak that particular style sheet so the site appears in good health in IE? If this were possible, would it be as simple as adding -5 padding for example, to therefore counteract the horrible rendering of IE?

    Any help would be so greatly appreciated,
    Thank you in advance,


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  • Start by sorting out the markup errors. Then move onto the CSS errors.
    If you continue to have problems with IE, consider conditional comment CSS


    I’ve gone through both the markup errors and the css errors, and I’ve fixed as much as I can. There are still many errors remaining, but I’m unsure as to how I should go about them. Many of the markup errors for example, when I go to fix them the entire page destructs and I’m left with basically nothing. With regards to the css errors, most of them come from the parent theme stylesheet, and the code is behind my basic understanding.

    I’ve been henceforth going through all of the validation errors, and its seems like none of the remaining errors concern my most fundamental problem, namely that my tables aren’t rendering properly in Internet Explorer – specifically on two pages: the author listing page and the one book page that I posted above.

    Considering that most of the validation errors aren’t due to our code, but to that which is embedded in our theme, etc. I think we’ll have to pay someone to eventually go through all of it and clean the site for us.

    In the meantime – do you, or anyone else, know how I might fix my tables so that they at least appear somewhat properly in IE?

    I think this is more of a forum for how-to and troubleshooting with problems with WordPress your problem it seems to be a HTML/CSS problem with common IE issues.

    It’s also the problem with using third party free themes, and then changing them to your needs, which can have undesired effects.

    Also, your header image seems to be floating in front of your site logo in Chrome.

    For anyone who experiences similar problems as described above, see the following plugin as it may save you a lot of time and energy:

    Its called Page Columnist. ‘A simple way to get single posts and static pages content arranged in column layout, supports also overview page behavior.’ And I might add, it helps with browser compatibility issues regarding the use of tables, etc.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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