• Hi there,

    How can I change the description that appears when I share my link site on a social media?

    Also, how can I setup our logo on the description?

    Please check attached pic on following for further information: https://ibb.co/Km0LDNp

    Thank you.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • That should be the work of the Yoast SEO plugin you’re using.

    Write something in the DESCRIPTION field of the plugin’s meta box in the editor for all your pages, including the page you’re using as your homepage.

    Also, how can I setup our logo on the description?

    The plugin uses the page’s Featured Image for this.



    Hi @purplebull ,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    As @gappiah mentioned, the Yoast SEO plugin would be something you could look at using to help you out with this since this data may be pulled from the social media sites themselves, unless set up using an SEO plugin, which could result in a preview that you do not want.

    You can find the Yoast SEO plugin by searching in plugins within your dashboard > plugins > add new.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thank you both guys for your reply. As per I’m seeing it’s this is a paid version feature in yoast.

    Is there any chance to do this for free?

    Thank you.

    As per I’m seeing it’s this is a paid version feature in yoast.

    What specifically are you “seeing” and where are you seeing it? Can you share a screenshot or link of what you’re seeing that makes you come to this conclusion?

    What you’re saying is definitely not true.

    Every page or post should have the Yoast SEO metabox below, and this should be available in the free version distributed here at WordPress.org.

    It seems you’re doing the right things already and your logo (featured image) and page description already appear when links are shared.

    Is this not what you meant in your original post?



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    Hi George, thank you for your time and explication.

    The point is that when I share the link via LinkedIN chat, it appears as shown on following link: https://ibb.co/Km0LDNp

    How can I change that?

    Thank you

    That’s a LinkedIn issue, not a problem on your site. Your site is generating the proper OpenGraph meta tags that ALL the social media sites use to show their link previews. How and whether do they use the tags? That’s up to the individual site.

    And the fact that this works everywhere else except LinkedIn should give you a hint where the problem is: it’s definitely not on your website.


    I’m not super familiar with LinkedIn, but I found their link inspector tool here:


    Interestingly enough, their own Link Inspector tool can see your site’s homepage description (put your site address in the box and try it for yourself).

    Why are they not displaying the description they’ve clearly found?

    That’s 100% up to them!

    Here’s someone reporting a similar problem to LinkedIn’s customer support team: https://www.revoltlib.com/linkedin-social-share-url-broken-ticket.html

    And what did LinkedIn Support say? “I have just received an update from our research team and would like to inform you that there are levels to which data will display first. It is expected that only the Image and Title will show.”

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    Wow George (@gappiah), you really crush it. It looks like the link already appears well. What I did was to install Rank Math, instead of yoast.

    Thank you very much for the information and your dedication. Appreciated.

    Have a good day.

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