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  • Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi Aleksandar, I’m still looking into some things for you, but I did uncover a potential Google issue that I’m seeing through my browser. When I try and translate to English, I’m getting “Error: the server could not complete your request. Please try again later.”

    Here’s a possible reason for that, if you happen to experience this issue as well. Please let me know if you do.!topic/sites/IpYEAuT0Cxs

    As for the “,en” being added to your menu block, part of this is my issue with the plugin, since adding the “multilanguagePage:true” configuration to the plugin in version 2.7. I removed that from your plugin as of now, and it works properly, in most cases.

    I notice now that when Revolution Slider is activated, it adds the “,en” to the menu items again. There’s some weird issue here, although I’m not sure yet of the exact problem.

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi Aleksandar, I disabled each and every one of your plugins, and then completely deleted Google Language Translator (my plugin) from your website.

    I then installed the Google Translate tool directly from the Google Translate website, as a way to test my plugin’s ability to function. Your website does not work with the default translate tool provided by them, and it’s not even working after I de-activate your theme, and re-activate the default WordPress theme, TwentyThirteen.

    At this point, I am becoming more suspicious that 1) Google is not working accurately with certain types of servers, and/or 2) Google has some issues with its translations in Germany. I have experienced the exact same issues with others from Germany as well.

    Aleksandar, I do have a possible fix for this that I have found successful with one other client.

    Please send me an email once you view your website currently and verify that you can see for yourself, that default Google translate is not functioning on your site.

    I will you further at that point to help you through this.

    Thanks, Rob Myrick

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Aleksandar, would you mind sharing the service you use for your hosting provider, and maybe I could find out the server type used by them. It will help me build a case for the cause of some problem, if this is the issue.


    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi joernemann, I can see you reverted back to version 2.6. Fortunately, this has solved many cases, due to a configuration change that was a bad assumption on my part.

    But there are still issues. I notice that on your site, when clicking the English flag twice, that your translations are being reduced to “letters” only. This used to NOT happen before just a few days ago, and I’m finding this problem on other sites as well, especially in Germany. So I’m unsure why this is the case.

    The next step for us is to install the default Google Translate tool on your website, and then remove my plugin to eliminate the plugin itself as an issue. I have been finding that issues still exist even without my plugin, in MOST cases.

    Please email me here if you would like me to login to your site and take a look.

    Rob Myrick

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    joernemann, I might also have a fix for your site as well, as I mentioned with Aleksandar above. I have been successful in preventing the ability to click a 2nd time on your default flag, which would eliminate all problems in your case.

    Hi rob, sorry for delay..
    Demo is Bluehost a live website is world4you Hosting , i remembered that i did have WPML instaled there, so somewhere in mysql it can be problem ?
    because i did use /en/ or default german / in my links.

    Did anyone notice that when i use top Button (Translate/Original) there is no issues, but when i use drop down words become letters ?

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi Aleksandar, I’m very glad you notice this small defect in Google’s translations.

    When you select German from the toolbar OR the drop-down, things work great. But when you try and switch back to English, it will not translate back, except when you use the drop-down, which then gives you the weird-looking letters.

    Also very important to know if that there is a difference between “Default Language” and “German” (in your case). German is the hard-coded German translations, and “Default Language” is the function used to bring your website back to it’s original state, which is what everyone usually wants.

    Somehow that is not happening correctly with your site, and some other sites in Germany (and very select few others around the world).

    These could also be website hosting issues specific to each server, so it’s very difficult to pinpoint the issue.

    Aleksander, I do have a fix for this in my Premium version of the plugin, because I use custom functions to access the languages, so I can bypass the default translate function.

    I will add this manually to your site if you want, although it will be a custom-version of the existing plugin, and you would need to wait to update until future updates are made.

    Just let me know how you would like the translator to look and I will try and patch it for you. (i.e. tell me the flags you want, and the also what languages to show in drop-down, and if you want to show drop-down). I will just pull some of this functionality from my premium version, so it will not be too much work. I will not need to charge for this.

    But in future cases, now that we are seeing issues with specific websites, along with Google’s functionality issues, I will likely need to start charging to fix these bigger issues, since they are not plugin faults.

    I enjoy helping everyone, but I must use my premium version to get things fixed and this takes a good amount of time for each site.

    Please let me know if I can help fix your website.


    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Aleksandar, I am also wondering about the fact that you have German language as frontend on your website, but the actual WordPress installation is based on the English version. I’m guessing you like English in the Dashboard, but you actually use German keyboard.

    As a result, your HTML is outputting English-based code, and maybe the translator depends on that code to make it’s decisions. Have you considered installing a German language file for your site?

    You can read about that here – it might make your site more “official” German……

    It might be a good opportunity to test…

    Yes, strange and strange.
    I use EN version, and in the end i just upload DE language folder.
    I can try to replace just WP stuff with default german installation to see will that help ?

    Sometimes i use DE install as default from start, i stoped using WordPress Language plugin because of some issues they did have with 3.6, i also think the best solution would be to use DE as default install but everytime you try to Cut little time 😀 there is something that double that cuted time 🙂 , until now i didnt have any issue with WPML, but this client wanted google.

    Thanks for you time Rob 🙂

    I would love to use Flags, and in most of the time (85%) its German-English, and website default language is German.

    Also feel free to send me email with link to Premium one.

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Thanks Aleksandar, yes I would try installation of the language files provided by WordPress here: Although I’m not sure that will solve your problem, it would really just help me see how the site looks when in it’s default state. And who knows, this could affect how the plugin outputs translation from my plugin to the end user.

    Would you like to install this language file first, and then let me know when it’s done, then I can take a look on your site and go from there?

    I’m really interested to see this in action. Then we can see what happens from there.

    Thanks so much for good communication!


    Hey Rob, i did download and install it GERMAN language.
    but just for info (files are the same, the WP languages – they just pack language folder inside ZIP and in Config they put language code, i did that the same but reversed i installed EN and added DE) , so im not shure the real problem is there, but you are free to test with me , i cant say im 100% shure in anything 🙂 – hope it helps feel free to debug and stress as you like

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Aleksandar, I found a fix for your site, would you mind viewing your site here and taking a look?

    Considering that we have both noticed issues with Google having the ability to translate back to the default language, I simply changed the default language on your site to something other than German.

    The site now translates with no display issues or added characters. Unbelievable…..

    Can you verify on your site now that both flags and drop-down are working correctly on your site? Remember, just because I changed my plugin to work like this, doesn’t mean it was my issue. Both you and I verified together that translation did not work correctly even when installed directly from Google’s site.

    Also, I did remove the problematic “multilanguagePage:true” issue that was part of my 2.7 update. That was an issue that will be corrected in the next update.

    I must say there is alot of strange stuff,
    couple of times when i click on EN drop down or flash i did get
    screen – only first menu translated…
    couple of times footer text and links are converted to letters…

    – Then i tested firefox, it worked from the first time… strange..
    but then again in FF on drop down sometimes i get only first menu translated… Screen

    Also without default language it translate sometimes German text when i click on German flag or dropdown..

    I still thinks the google have issues or its bug..
    Even other languages sometimes translate first menu and random text on site: Screen

    I think i will have more time on weekend, i need to test this on other websites, even ones with just English language.. so i can be shure its not google bug with wordpress…

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Ok, I do see that now. I’m changing default back to German and back to the drawing board! Your HTML validation looks good too, so no issues there.

    Yeah HTML is ok, but not shure what can be the problem, or how Google is good to wordpress, because of Chrome default feature (Do you want to translate this website) – i disable that but i even tested with that (translate suggestion)… i think its best to wait until i install your plugin to other sites and test them even there, so we can produce more variations, websites with german and english, websites with only english etc..
    i will send you email right now for access to two websites so you can test if you like ?

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