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  • Hi!

    I am also located in Germany. After installing the widget everything worked beautifully! Suddenly, this afternoon, the translations aren’t working anymore:

    Firefox and IE8 seem to have the same issues:

    The standard language (German) suddenly does not appear anymore initally. Once English is chosen, the entire text seems to be torn up. The original German text cannot be brought back again. The widget is installed in the footer, most issues occur in the footer.

    The site will be a present, it would be wonderful to resolve the problem.


    me2, it was working about one day, but now its not.
    Im shure its not other plugin or something, because we have 1 website for development and clone for Live version.
    On both versions its not working, its kinda strange even in wp-admin settings:

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi everyone, I’m not sure what is happening. Maybe Google servers are experiencing some issues. I’m checking into and will post back here once I become educated to the situation. And this could be a plugin issues as well, I will check.


    Great! Thank you so much!

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi siriandnemo, would you mind posting a link to your website, so that I could take a look. I will try and help out.


    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    apsolut, would you mind posting your link here as well, it will help me look at the code to see what is happening, as a start.



    if you register (welcome tab) I can give you administration rights.

    Would this be ok?

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    siriandnemo, yes this would be fine…..please send admin login here: Thanks!

    Also, I noticed that your website has it’s body tag placed long after you have content displayed on the page. This is interesting, and could be an issue. I will check.


    I just updated to 2.7 and am seeing the same thing. When I select a language, the site gets translated into the desired language, but entire words/links disappear or are reduced to one letter.

    The same thing happens when I select a language from the Google toolbar (at the top of the screen). When I click on the [x] in the toolbar the site returns to normal.

    My site is in English. When I select “English” from the drop down menu, the site starts translating, even though it is already in English.  Though the translation is still in English, words get rearranged. For example “I was early for work today” might become “Today, work for early, jw”. The letters “jw” also get appended here and there to existing text.

    I entered my site address at

    and the translations worked normally. I tried several different languages.

    I went to the Google Translator Plugin “Settings” page and tried disabling and enabling all of the options. Testing the site after each change, making sure to clear my browser cache each time.

    No luck.

    I disabled 2.7 and am now using 2.6, which works perfectly.  I am using WordPress 3.6.1 (I see there’s an update to 3.7 now) and the theme Atahualpa 3.7.12.

    Almost forgot, I have the code installed inside a widget.

    I’m happy with 2.6 so it’s not a problem. I’m curious though so will be following this thread.


    HI, Rob thanks for help, i mailed you the stuff and website link,
    If you need anything more just ask

    P.S. To My Previous Post,

    I also disabled every plugin I have except Google Translator. It didn’t help.


    I have Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘N’ of undefined in console.

    Can this be help:!topic/google-translate-api/UgM8oNZc628

    Console Image:

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi guys, I’ve been working tirelessly on another site, and I have noticed a few things, on which I would like to comment:

    1) I have added “multilanguagePage:true” translation option to the plugin in version 2.7. I have not yet had issues with this until today, but I have found that removing this feature from the plugin, does make things appear to work a better some sites.

    I do notice that translation issues still exist, even when cutting /pasting the Google Translate tool directly into the sidebar of one of my user websites. It does not function correctly – period. Words are translated to single letters, and some other complications. With this happening straight from the Google translate site, I’m still unsure of what the “true” issue is.

    2) It’s not likely the plugin would work, and then fail. I’m curious as to whether there have been some issues with Google servers being down. The plugin is not connected to anything outside of it’s own files. Of course, if #1 above happens to be an issue on your site, then I would say the plugin has issues in that regard and for now, roll back to version 2.6 if you are able.

    3) I checked on Google server reports and found this: it may not be related at all, but it’s evidence that some other have experienced down time, although nothing about translation is mentioned here.

    4. Also, a user’s site that I’m working on as of now is a Windows IIS server, which is not directly compliant with mod_rewrite (used to produce nice urls). I’m thinking there may be issues here with outside tools connecting with WordPress if this is not configured properly, or if permissions are set too low as well. Just a thought….. considering that on “popular” servers I have not been seeing too many issues with functionality.

    5. Also, I have noticed a few German-based website issues just today. I’m wondering if it’s a location issue.

    I’ll be back in action tomorrow, checking up on things. Time heals all, hopefully!

    Great, yea it look like its Google stuff and german language, i will test more and see can i find more infos, and test samples on other sites.

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi Aleksandar, I’m looking at your site now, I will update you here soon. Thanks!

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