• First, I love your plugin.

    Second, I just got an email with this message:

    When seeking help with this issue, you may be asked for some of the following information:
    WordPress version 6.5
    Active theme: Hello Elementor (version 3.0.1)
    Current plugin: Call Now Button (version 1.4.7)
    PHP version 8.2.17
    Error Details
    An error of type E_ERROR was caused in line 338 of the file /home3/corneta4/public_html/wp-content/plugins/call-now-button/src/admin/action/CnbActionController.php. Error message: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method WP_Error::has_role() in /home3/corneta4/public_html/wp-content/plugins/call-now-button/src/admin/action/CnbActionController.php:338
    Stack trace:
    #0 /home3/corneta4/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(324): cnb\admin\action\CnbActionController->filter_action_types(Array)
    #1 /home3/corneta4/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php(205): WP_Hook->apply_filters(Array, Array)
    #2 /home3/corneta4/public_html/wp-content/plugins/call-now-button/src/utils/CnbAdminFunctions.php(81): apply_filters('cnb_get_action_...', Array)
    #3 /home3/corneta4/public_html/wp-content/plugins/call-now-button/src/admin/templates/class-template-view.php(43): cnb\utils\CnbAdminFunctions->cnb_get_action_types()
    #4 /home3/corneta4/public_html/wp-content/plugins/call-now-button/src/admin/templates/class-template-router.php(13): cnb\admin\templates\Template_View->render()
    #5 /home3/corneta4/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(324): cnb\admin\templates\Template_Router->render('')
    #6 /home3/corneta4/public_html/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(348): WP_Hook->apply_filters('', Array)
    #7 /home3/corneta4/public_html/wp-includes/plugin.php(517): WP_Hook->do_action(Array)
    #8 /home3/corneta4/public_html/wp-admin/admin.php(259): do_action('buttons0_page_c...')
    #9 {main}
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  • Plugin Author Jerry Rietveld


    Hi Markrr,

    Thanks for your nice message and for sharing so much detail. It helped us locate an issue that we’ve just released a fix for. I hope it didn’t cause you too much trouble. Inside WordPress in the plugin overview you should see that there’s a plugin update available. That should solve your issue.

    Thanks again for your message and apologies for the hiccup.

    Best Regards,


    Thread Starter markrr


    I just updated the plugin. Thanks for your quick response.

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