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  • I had a site that had 500+ attempts in the past 2 weeks to register. None went through and accessed the membership-only site (we have a moderation plugin to handle them and don’t use the standard WP registration) — but they were getting annoying to sort through to find legit registration requests.

    Finally found this plugin and set it up to be rather aggressive in limiting bot traffic. Set up the additional “Stop Forum Spam” and “Project Honeypot” services and tied them to this plugin (via the convenient web services page) and I had the first night of 0 bot registration attempts this site has seen in months. None of my other sites get hit by bots like this one (so, I think a member of the site somehow attracted some bots with a compromised account or system), and it had been driving me (and the owners of the site) nuts. I’d installed 3-4 other free versions of plugins meant to block bots and none of them made a dent in the registration attempts. This one has so far blocked them all. It took a little time to set it up and go through all of the options (and set up the outside resources for it) — but so worth it. And wonderful to see all the options it has for blocking bots in multiple ways, and tying to multiple outside resources that makes it even more powerful than its default settings and options.

    I’ve never contributed to a plugin before — I just sent in a token amount to say thanks to Bryan for keeping this plugin up and running.

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  • Plugin Author Bryan Hadaway


    Thank you very much for your words and the donation and you’re welcome!

    Truth be told, I was just a user of this plugin too for many years, and it was (still is) vital to my own websites to block spam registrations, so when it got pulled from and the previous owner was thinking about retiring it, I had to jump in!

    It still needs a ton of work to be brought up to modern coding standards, but indeed, at least it’s still up and running and working. 🙂

    Well, I’m glad you took on the challenge. Regardless of the coding standards, it’s still working like a champ — 5+ days in and not a single bot has been able to attempt registration since I got it installed and configured. 🙂 And 228 recognized spam attempts have been blocked. 🙂

    Thanks, again!

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