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  • This site: Fashioncow was hacked, I think by installing a bad plugin. The site loads just fine, but if you click anywhere on the window it pops up a window that loads

    The plugin was wp-featured-post-with-thumbnail. It has since been deleted.

    Somehow there is a javascript which is the source of the problem. It is getting to the page through wp_footer I think. Of course that makes me suspect plugins. The plugin mentioned above had links to donate links (!), so that was the obvious culprit. Unfortunately the hack is still in effect after deleting wp-featured-post-with-thumbnail.

    I just don’t know how to find the code that calls wp_footer, and there is no reason that it has to be a plugin. Anyone know how to fix this? Google searches for howitworkz and hacked, etc, turn up nothing.

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  • update.. I disabled the plugins folder by renaming it, that did not cut out the javascript, I removed wp_footer from the template that did nothing. I’ve searched for such things as base64 in the source, etc. I still get that pesky javascript.

    Perhaps it edited some WP files, try replacing them. If it’s really a hack, it could also be that the database was edited. Search for “hacked” in the search bar for the “FAQ my site was hacked” for a whole range of tips and tricks.

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