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  • vorange


    Hello guys,
    Recently I am noticing a lot of strage invalid GET requests in apache access logs.

    GET /%5C%22%22+Sa+%22%5C%22
    GET /wp-content/uploa6admfg.jpg
    GET /wp-conx8hlsg.jpg
    GET /%7D,cur:function(a)%7Bif(this.elem%5Bthis.prop%5D!=null&&(!;return(a=parseFloat(c.css(this.elem,this.prop,a)))&&a%3E-10000?a:parseFloat(c.curCSS(this.elem,this.prop))||0},custom:function(a,b,d){function%20f(j){return%20e.step(j)}this.startTi


    All these requests lead to 404. So far nothing bad has really happend to the site but this surge of 404s cause a spike in CPU and the site ultimately crashes.

    Anyone experienced this? Any help?


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