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  • I recently noticed that for some reason my wordpress site stopped working in Firefox properly. For some reason when viewing it in Firefox it displays without any style applied. The stylesheet is downloaded by Firefox and is linked by the relevant pages, but it still doesn’t show. This happens on multiple machines across different versions of Firefox from a variety of private networks.

    As is implied from the content of this message it works fine in i.e..

    I primarily use Firefox as my default browser and am sure this used to work fine.

    I have tried disabling all plugins and switching to the standard and classic themes. I have also updated to the latest version of WordPress. No luck.

    See the problem for yourself here.

    Many thanks in advance

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    I’m not sure what the difference between importing the stylesheet and linking it the original way is because I’ve never done used the importing method, but I know if you link it like this (or using both):

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css" media="screen"/>

    your site will appear correctly in both Firefox and IE.

    Is there an admin page or somewhere to change this? I am having a beast of a time finding where that is defined.


    You will need to open your theme’s header.php and apply the changes there then upload to server.

    In addition, you seem to be copying and pasting from MSWord onto your post and it’s adding extraneous markups which can wreak havock to your layout after you fix your stylesheet link. Just copy and paste in plain text file.

    I found it through the wordpress admin UI. I knew I had seen it there before. Design, Theme Editor.

    Even with the change to reference the css using the other common method, it is still having the same problem. the site again

    Thanks for your continued help on this.

    Which parts of the blog look like copy and pastes from Word? I always write all of my own markup.


    That’s weird because if I view your source code and save it as an .html file and download your stylesheet, it works perfectly when I pull it up into a browser but it obviously isn’t working when uploaded to your site. I have no idea.

    PS: Unless it has something to do with (and I have no clue what this means) the fact that it actually made me download the stylesheet instead of just being able to view it. It’s a stretch but I thought I’d mention it.

    I know huh, this is messed up. If I view the site in firefox, then use my handy dandy web developer tool bar and click CSS, Edit CSS the style turns on and starts working. I can also click CSS, View CSS and this plugin confirms that firefox knows where the stylesheet is by finding it and displaying it on that page. This is also something that I thought was working before.

    Anyone else have any ideas???

    Ah… I wonder if plugins are causing the issue. That would explain why it doesn’t work online but does locally. Did you install any new plugins lately? Even if you didn’t install new ones, try deactivating your plugins one by one to see if it fixes it. Sometimes things just go south for no apparent reason.

    I tried deactivating all of my plugins as a preliminary troubleshooting step before I posted here. I tried it again just now in case the import change in combination would have made any difference but no luck.

    BTW it doesn’t work remotely or locally for me. The only situation that does work is ie.

    Very strange. I’m at a loss then, sorry.

    thanks much!

    I’ll leave this open for anyone else that might have info and possibly do another post for this issue in a firefox forum.

    I dont know if you’re still looking for a solution but the way i fixed it was following:

    Create a file named .htaccess (just like that, no extension, with a dot in the beginning) in like a Notepad or something.

    Add this to the file:

    ForceType none
    php_value magic_quotes_gpc 0

    Then upload it to your wordpress folder.

    What it does is gets rid of ForceType (php function that allows you to have no extensions, every file is treated as php file). IE ignores that, but files get screwed up in FF.

    If that was the issue, after a refresh of page it should be fixed. I hope it helps anybody who has the same issue.

    I have the same issue, but only in the admin panel. This is the fourth time I have to reinstall Firefox…

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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