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  • I was adding a post, and it timed out after a while. Now I can’t see my website or login to WP. I know it’s a WP issue because any directories not related to WP are accessible, and I can still login to my ftp and see all of my files. Did something possibly get corrupted and is causing everything to malfunction?

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  • It’s possible. Very hard to tell though as I can’t see your website either – because you didn’t supply a link.

    Same here. Had problems with this morning, so I commented it out in the sidebar. No problems.
    Downloaded the new WP-Pagenavi version, since the previous version gave an error with WP2.1. After activating the new WP-Pagenavi plugin version 2.1. The site just gives blank pages. Strange…. panic.

    Not sure what happened. I was not able to take the same steps backwards. Finally decided to delete all the plugins from my blog. And re-install these one-by-one. Every time looking for the latest version, downloading and installing the latest version. Everything seems to work smoothly now.

    Maybe this has something to do with an older version of a plugin that does not work well with WP2.1. PageNavi??

    Always deactivate all plugins before upgrading. Reactivate one by one, testing your blog in between.

    @ forgedbliss – try it.

    I have no plug-ins running on my site, so upgrading really has no relevance to me. I had it running smoothly for about a month also, and made several successful posts. The address is:


    And somehow it works now. I have no idea what happened though.

    And now it’s gone again…any new suggestions?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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