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  • I have gotten a HTTP Error 500 and cannot access the site, admin panel, nothing. Only through FTP.

    I have tried:

      renaming htaccess file
      renaming plugin folder to turn them all off
      reinstalled parent/child frameworks (genesis and outreach from studio press)
      increased PHP memory
      cleared my cache and history from beginning of time

    This all happened after I added some code to the “functions.php” file that was obviously not compatible.

    Now what. All ideas accepted. The site was almost complete and now its nothing…its for a non-profit.

    thank you for your help in advance,

    website it I do not know how to access an error log to see exact problem

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  • If that is what caused the problem, go back into functions.php and remove the code. Always start where you tried something and roll back when it doesn’t work.

    Hi, restore functions.php from backup if you have one

    how do i restore, or how do i download functions.php and then fix

    functions.php is a file packaged with your theme. Most themes have this file to change the behavior of their theme and it is a very important one at that. You will need to go get your theme and copy it to your local computer. Unzip it and then FTP the original functions.php file over to your WordPress site. You should then be back to your original running state before all of this got messed up.

    To save you grief in the future, please remember this:
    Always make a backup copy of any WordPress file you are going to monkey around with.

    I strongly recommend that you go create a local development system running WordPress and your theme on a Windows home computer. Learn with

    [link moderated; kep support on this site ]

    before modifying any WordPress files. Make it work on the local development system first before applying any changes directly to a production website. The time that you spend educating yourself in practice will be beneficial in the long running maintenance of your site. I wish I could post this as a pinned topic at the top of this forum to save people grief but I see so many people here modify their production website when they should be testing to make sure it works on a practice website.

    okay. did that and still not running. i got the file from my computer, where I installed a clean version of the theme. then labeled the one on the server old, and then uploaded the new one… : (

    tried uploading new version of my theme by labeling orginal _old for tampered on. unless I need to activate it and I do not know how the server knows which theme is the default? so perhaps I am missing a step somewhere here.

    is there anyway you can look at the site or help me off line fix this. i will be more careful i just can lose everything.

    can download the contents file and then delete and start over without losing all the “content” and then just reinstall theme so I can access admin panel and then I can manually add plugins, etc.

    Do not post emails in these forums. Keep support on this site.See

    Rename the plugin folder located in /wp-content/plugin to pluginold.

    See if its a plugin that is causing the problem

    Did you rename your .htaccess back to .htaccess?

    Mty site was there on Monday and for last two months…. I wanted to change the name of the site URL (aka remap) but the site has gone?

    WordPress login doesn’t work? Host shows no issues (bluehost) and domain provider (LCN) says nothing has chnaged?

    Help! Clinet is terrified I’ve lost their website!! ekk!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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