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  • I have a mapped domain (mapped to It was working fine then a few days ago it went doan and gave a site not found error for several hours. I pinged the site name and it returned the wrong ip. I checked the A record on my host (whose dns I also use). That showed the correct IP. By the time my host’s support responded the site was back up and their response was “there is no problem”

    Their response to my ping screen dump is that it is a good ping with good response times and so far no explanation of the wrong IP.

    Is this purely a DNS thing or am I hallucinating?

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    Didn’t you have DNS issues last week? Could this be related?

    How the mapped domains get set up in the hosting account varies from host to host, depending on their set up. For instance, in one of my networks, I point the domain I want to map at the server, create the zone file, but then also have to create (through SSH) a symlink pointing the domain I’m mapping at the directory of the network’s main domain.

    Might it be possible that you have some extra server level set up for domain mapping that needs to happen?

    Yes, it is probably related. I am currently in a dialogue with my host whose dns I am using. All they tell me is that it is pointing at the correct dns and tell me I shouldn’t have changed it last week – the point is that I didn’t. All was stable but suddenly that site went down and I pinged it as part of my investigation. I am pretty sure its an a$$ covering exercise on their part. I now have jetpack monitoring my sites but so far its been a minute here and there. I have some sites I was considering cloudflare for whuich will involve a new dns anyway so I’ll wait for the dust to settle.

    Thabnks for your help though.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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