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  • Hi there,

    One of my WP sites is completely down and I can’t even access the admin. I contacted my host and they said the server is running normally, it’s not overloaded or running slow.

    I saw there was a heartbleed bug with envato so I secured that and Theme Nector said to try using W3Total Cache or “Better WordPress Minify ” Plugin to speed up your site.

    Problem is, I can’t log into my WP admin to load it. Tried contacting to get into my host admin but not happening.

    Is there anything I can run my site against to pinpoint exactly what the problem is?

    Recently installed Jetpack and WordPress Landing Page plugins – anyone having issues with either?


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  • Sultan



    this okay

    if you have forget your password you can reset it by your email or user name.

    Thanks! I’m familiar with my login credentials.

    That link you posted didn’t work for me in any browser. and

    both result with the following message:
    Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to

    Can you confirm you see live? I just get errors.



    Forum Moderator works just fine for me. Can you try using another browser? Or another computer (ideally on a different network)?



    Forum Moderator

    Oh – and the site itself is fine too.

    That is odd. Not working for me in any browser or anyone I have sent the site to.



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    Have you tried using another computer on a different network? This could be a purely local network issue.

    Both sites come up for me, though the login comes up much faster than the home page, and the home page only plays audio and a “loading”-type graphic. It makes me wonder if something is missing. But it does seem to work just fine. I can also pull up other pages, like “about”, for instance, and they load fine. Have you tried from any sites outside your network, or outside your ISP (say, Time Warner if you are on Comcast, or vice versa)?

    Thanks! We’ve reached out to a few folks out of network and the site is not appearing either. Where are you located that you are able to see?

    Thanks Jaysea – yeah, I’ve tried out of network (our PR firm and friends) and out of ISP. Odd that you both are seeing it! (Which I guess is good). Just can’t figure out how I can view and get back in to make changes.

    North Carolina, using Time Warner.

    Site changed drastically when I reloaded it – now getting colors.

    Blue at the top, purple (with video in addition to audio), white, blue, white, blue, and then gray.

    I don’t know if this helps – but it’s definitely different than what I had before – just a black bar with a loading graphic and audio. Maybe you will see something different now. 🙂

    Thanks! Yeah, I was able to have a friend login into my admin panel and deactivate the WP Landing Pages plugin. Think that might be the issue. I still cant’ get in though – nor can I see it!

    Website is down and I cant log into wordpress admin. Soooooo frustrating!!!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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