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  • Started to update my plugins now my whole site is down I cant even get to the backside to get to my dashboard. I’m stuck!!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • You seem as if you have a white screen. This can potentially be caused where your server is out of resources to make the update. Some hosts have time out limits. It could also be a plugin issue.

    First, if you can access http:/ and login, then disable your plugins and start over, that may be helpful. If you can’t login to your WordPress Dashboard, then follow the next steps.

    Disable the .maintenancemode file that is added to your home directory when you trigger an update. You’ll need FTP or SFTP access to your home directory, provided by your hosting company. You can simply remove the “.” to disable to see if that brings it back.

    Or, you can try to disable your plugins by accessing your /wp-content/plugins directory and either renaming the directory from “plugins” to something like “plugins++” or doing the same inside the directory to each individual plugin, so that you can figure out which plugin was the offender in terms of updating correctly.

    Usually, this is a plugin conflict or a server time out issue, so you’ll also want to ask your host for assistance, as well.

    Since we don’t know what version of PHP you are running, that could be an issue, as well. If your web host has you on an outdated version of PHP, then you can ask them to upgrade you to the latest version, 7.2, and see if that helps.

    Likely an issue with one of your plugins. Do you have FTP access? If so, my first step would be to disable all your plugins via FTP.

    This can be done easily done by doing the following:

    – Connect To Your Site Via FTP
    – navigate to your wp-content folder
    – locate your /plugins folder, rename it to old_plugins
    – go back to the browser and try pulling up your site.

    If your site loads up, then you know the problem is one of the plugins that you have installed and you have to find out which one is the culprit.

    The culprit can be found following similar steps that I listed above.

    – Browse into the plugins folder (make sure you rename it back to ‘plugins’)
    – Find the folder for the plugin you want to deactivate
    – Right-click on the folder and rename it to something like plugin-name_old



    Help!! My site went down and was displaying just a white screen. I was unable to login to the admin so I contacted my hosting company and they were able to “connect the theme” WKDU they said was disconnected but that only made a super wonky homepage with some elements of the existing site. I was able to go into my PHP and learned that my admin login was removed! I used another administrator’s login to get into the site but the whole admin was different. I saw my theme was there but sneaking the theme or child theme didn’t work. I have no idea what is going on!!!

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