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  • I just made my new company site live on Monday and although it looked good on my Mac-firefox browser it looks horrible in explorer not so great in safari and I just got an email that the gallery isn’t working on windows explorer. How can I make sure my site looks good for everyone? My site is at and I am using the latest Mandigo theme.

    I do have to say that when I am making a post first of all it is difficult to make them look good with text and picture and when I look at the code side sometimes there is some funky code there. But I do not know anything about coding. It just seems that there is some unnecessary stuff there that might be making my posts look weird.

    I would so love a wordpress guru right now to help make this site functional since shows my company professionalism and it is my livelihood.

    Thanks in advance,

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  • I’d say your page looks ok on Firefox and IE6 (both Win), and I don’t see anything “horrible” ;). Funky code may occur due to inserting text from MS Word. If you need to copy text, you should first copy-paste it into a plain text editor (such as notepad under Win), and then copy it to the wordpress editor. I also don’t see anything wrong with pictures in posts or pages.

    As for your gallery… it works with IE6, but it’s like there was an image inserted, which cannot be found (empty space with a red X in the upper left corner, with the size of the gallery pic), and below that the working gallery. I dont’t know why.

    Thanks I also noticed the extra space when I viewed my gallery in Safari on Mac, but can not get it out. Also, on safari the images under the Turtlewings Beliefs section are all shifting up and getting distorted in Safari. I actually copied text directly from my original site through a browser and when I pasted it in to the visual part of wordpress it kept the green and grey and I liked it, although I realized it might be strange in the coding. Also, when I open explorer on my mac I do not see the white background behind my posts. I only see the drawings, which makes the text hard to read. Thanks for the help! Hopefully most everyone are seeing it nicely like we do…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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