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    Hello everyone,
    I lost my page after changing the data in Dashboard->Settings->General-> “Website address(home url)” and “WordPress address (site url)”. Before changing, the address of my site was “” and I changed it to “”. I cannot access the page anymore as I constantly receive an error message, could anyone please tell me if there is a possibility of recovering the site? I suppose the damage could be undone just by changing to the old address, but I am unable to do so because I cannot access the WordPress dashboard of my site. I invested a lot of time into learning how to use WordPress and especially into collecting all the information for the site. I am new to WordPress and Web Design in general and I am trying to set a page for my engineering company. I would kindly appreciate any help!

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  • Hi @dinobogdanic,

    Yes there is a way to get it back by following the steps on this link to set both the Site URL and Home URL to “” Change the Site URL or Change WordPress URL’s With WordPress Tools. I hope this helps.

    Can you tell us exactly what you wish to to do with This domain is pointing to GoDaddy


    Hello Jasper, thank you for the fast reply!

    Unfortunately it doesn’t help because I am unable to enter my WP admin dashboard, therefore I cannot access the settings mentioned in the links you posted.

    “” was a mistake, I wanted to type in “” because that is the domain that I purchased a month ago. I am not sure if I lost the page because I typed the address that was already occupied, or because I shouldn’t make any changes to my original address “”.

    I apologize for my basic knowledge of the subject, I am just a simple Materials Engineer trying to learn new things.. by making mistakes obviously. 🙂

    Hi @dinobogdanic,

    No apologies needed. At this point I do recommend that you get in touch with hosting for further asssitance.


    Hello Jasper!

    I contacted Bluehost customer service and they resolved my problem immediately!

    I appreciate your suggestion anyway, thank you so much and best regards!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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