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  • I just had my site disabled by my domain host because they claimed that i had abused the server through my site @ Could anyone point out to me what is wrong? And how do i rectify such a problem, if any?

    Some part of the email as follows:
    It has come to our attention (by the server not responding due to a high
    load) that your domain is in violation of our AUP/TOS by way of the
    following URL(S): disabled for overloading server with hundreds of php
    processes. had to be disabled in order for the server to work. If was not disabled, all other domains on the entire
    server would have remained inaccessible.

    0-0 14559 0/10/10 _ 2.06 84 55952 0.0 0.02 0.02

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  • Assuming that this is your web server log, it looks like someone (at IP went a little nuts making requests of your server – effectively a DoS (Denial of Service) attack.

    You should be able to “fix” this by denying access from that IP to your server. How you do that best on your server is a discussion you should have with your host.

    A bit of search on this looks like that IP is on the end of an ISDN line in Israel.

    I am surprised that it has successfully DOS’d the server. I wonder what plugins you have installed and the number of posts that where being displayed on the blogs main page.

    On the main page of my blog, i display 7 posts only.
    plugins, i do have a fair bit.

    ok j3r0m3 what plugins in particular do you have installed?

    did you get on the phone with a tech, and explain that this is clearly some sort of DOS-equivalent, that it shows clearly a single IP address is to blame, and that ANY website hit like that would spike the server?

    Plugins, SQL queries, anything that goes out to the net and doesn’t cache stuff, etc… could be part issue. some guy does refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, it should drop the connections on your end, but only if PHP isn’t locked out in some other processing (like a network call of some sort…). At least, in theory. But if that record is in fact a fraction-of-a-second snapshot from the server, a single person locked it up.


    i’ve got plugins from weather to spam karma, too many to really list actually…

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Jerome – there is a lot of help here on offer to help get your blog up and running safely.

    Have you IP blocked before ?
    Can you really not list the plugins ?
    The guys above need information so they can see what needs doing, and only you have that……..

    well, currently, i am awaiting my host to resolve my issue and unblock my domain first.

    I do realise there are a lot of help around, trying to guide me along.
    Trouble is, i cannot recall all my plugins.
    A case of greed actually. I went thru the plugins wiki and went ballistic with my plugins installation.

    I will try to think what plugins i have and get back to you guys.
    Thanks for being there for me.

    ok, i have managed to get a list of my plugins already and they are as follows:
    * Amazon Wishlist
    * AuthImage
    * Breadcrumb Navigation
    * Comment Count
    * Comment Plugger
    * Comment Word Count
    * Drop Case Letter
    * Search Hilite
    * Google URI Redirector
    * Image Browser
    * MarkDown
    * Most Commented
    * Next to Last
    * Page Navigation
    * Plugins Used
    * Polls
    * Post Count
    * Post Word Count
    * Recent Comments
    * Recent Posts
    * Related Posts
    * Spam Karma
    * time2read
    * Update Linkroll
    * Useronline
    * Waypath
    * WeatherIcon
    * Weekday
    * Witty Text
    * Word/Image Counts
    * Wp Advanced Tracking
    * WP Grins
    * WP Since Last Visit
    * WordPress Mobile Edition
    * WP Photos
    * WP Style Switcher
    * WP Unformatted

    My site has been enabled already.
    So do i deny access to the offending IP address?

    uh, dude just go to your wordpress admin area and click on the tab for plugin. Then capture the screenshot and upload the picture to your web space and paste the link back to us.

    You can do better than that.

    ok, that’s a hell lot of plugings :D.

    You can deny ip address by

    1.) using the ‘block ip’ in your cpanel or plesk or whatever your hoster provide.
    2.) ask your host to do it for you.

    i have done that for now. I blocked the ip address

    But i am wondering if this is a one-off thingy or are there problems with some of my plugins. Perhaps i am doing something wrongly.

    The reason why i cannot take even a screen shot is because i could not get in at all just now… I got a 403 error

    Ok. Just has a quick look at your site.
    In the source we have this 80 queries. 1.412 seconds. – So the PHP code ran for 1.4 seconds – you may benefit from staticize reloaded to try and cut down on the work the server has to do.

    A few of the plugins you use do stuff for every site visit.

    I don’t know much about the weather plugin ( The link for it just goes back to your front page) but I wonder if it caches the data – and how it copes if the source for it is down – that could cause problems like you have seen.

    my site is disabled again. With the same problem.
    Should i delete my web folders and reload the pages up when i get access again or i should do something else

    Moderator James Huff


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    Wait until you get access again. When you do, majorly cut down on your plugins (5 or less). If that works and you don’t get disabled, start whittling your plugins down to the ones you really need. If that doesn’t work, and you do get shutdown, pack you bags and move to a better host, like

    Follow these instructions:

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