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  • Hi All,

    I am new to wordpress. Have had my site built by someone who has now been extremely unkind and awful once money changed hands. I’m so sorry if I seem stupid. But i wanted to ask whether the following means I have permission to design and change ALL aspects of my site. He has made me cry this morning so I would really appreciate someone’s help in understanding this as soon as possible.

    Thank you


    Denied: switch_themes, Denied: edit_themes, activate_plugins, edit_plugins, Denied: edit_users, edit_files, manage_options, moderate_comments, manage_categories, manage_links, upload_files, import, unfiltered_html, edit_posts, edit_others_posts, edit_published_posts, publish_posts, edit_pages, read, level_10, level_9, level_8, level_7, level_6, level_5, level_4, level_3, level_2, level_1, level_0, edit_others_pages, edit_published_pages, publish_pages, delete_pages, delete_others_pages, delete_published_pages, delete_posts, delete_others_posts, delete_published_posts, delete_private_posts, edit_private_posts, read_private_posts, delete_private_pages, edit_private_pages, read_private_pages, Denied: delete_users, create_users, Denied: unfiltered_upload, edit_dashboard, Denied: update_plugins, Denied: delete_plugins, Denied: install_plugins, Denied: update_themes, Denied: install_themes, Denied: update_core, Denied: list_users, Denied: remove_users, add_users, Denied: promote_users, edit_theme_options, Denied: delete_themes, export, Denied: wlb_branding, Denied: wlb_navigation, Denied: wlb_login, Denied: wlb_color_scheme, Denied: wlb_options, Denied: wlb_role_manager, Denied: wlb_license, Denied: wlb_downloads, Denied: wlb_dashboard_tool, Denied: mini-admin

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  • By the looks of that list, you’re being denied access to a lot of the main functionality of your site.

    It looks like your developer is using the White Label Branding plugin, which basically lets him create a sort of “sub-admin” level account… which is probably what you have. You definitely don’t have full access to your site, at any rate.

    Based on that list, you cannot upload, edit, delete, or switch themes. So you don’t have really any design control. It also looks like you’re locked out of adding/updating plugins and WordPress Core, and you’re not allowed to edit users.

    This guy can basically hold your site hostage, because he has real admin access and you don’t. If it were me, I’d strip him of all access to the site and your hosting account, and end the business relationship with him (in that order)… but I’m the paranoid type who likes to have full control of my web properties. 😉

    Thank you so so much for the speedy reply. It is really appreciated.
    I’ve removed him as a user on the site – is there anything else I need to do to block him?

    And is there a way around this now? As he has not built the site as i asked, so I now need someone to work on it and they can’t, because there aren’t the permissions.

    (apart from finding him and reaaranging his face, which i would do if I weren’t female and built like a small quail!)




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    Using Phpmyadmin (or another MySQL management tool), first backup your database. Then navigate to your wp_usermeta table and locate the meta_key called “wp_capabilities” for your user_id. Change the meta-value for this record to:


    thank you! Nadia

    Also, change your passwords to make sure that he can’t access your hosting account/database/FTP account, if he had access to those at any time.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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