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  • I wouldn’t mind a little creative and/or technical critique of my site. It’s a combo of some personally coded pages and WordPress.
    A Couple Stats:
    -Valid XHTML 1.1, CSS
    -Works well in IE, FireFox, Opera and degrades gracefully
    Thank’s in advance!

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  • nice donkey

    I like the narrow text column. It is a nice change from the standard WordPress layout.
    One thing that I think could be improved is the left to right alignment of the site name/navigation menu in the left column. Its placement seems somewhat random to me (I’m using Firefox 0.9.1).
    Other than that, nice work.

    er.. maybe you can choose to hover links without striking them

    Hi Stacy,
    In the ‘about’ section, if you click the hyperlink for the ‘simple comment form,’ strangely, I find myself at google. The status bar spit back some php, from the looks of it. I didn’t delve into this very far, but I think a quick inspection will reveal the problem to you.
    I was going to mention that with such a narrow column, you will have to keep your posts short, but you touched on that already in your about section, so you’re one step ahead of me.
    I’m curious to know if you’re going to have archives on the page? Also, I’m not a tremendous fan of strikethrough on a:hover.
    Otherwise good stuff. Are you going to increase the update tempo?

    Well the irony of the “simple form” being oh so not-simple was unfortunately not on purpose. Thank you for spending the time on my site and catching that and, even more so, for returning with your comments. Much appreciated.
    The strikethrough, which i can see is not that popular, was intended to be a very subtle, practically imperceptible, and probably mis guided attempt at some vague comment on how my view on alot of irony is blocking (striking through if you will) any attempts to fix the hypocrisy it tries lampoon. I think removing them for design reasons rather than my idealogical reasons would be a good idea. And yes I am planning to update more frequently and put an archives page when there is necessity to archive .

    I’d definitely make the layout column a bit wider. That’s just too narrow. Other than that, pretty nice. Very clean and open.

    I’m happy to help.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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