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  • Hi

    I’m Clint, I run

    A month or so ago we decided to change back-ends from Movable Type to Word Press.

    Word Press is great – really user friendly, lots of good extras etc.

    Thing is, our site has been crashing constantly since we implemented it – well, that’s not entirely true, it was OK for the first couple of weeks and then it started crashing once a day about a fortnight later. Last Friday it took the server down for three days. Then this week again – 6 hours at a time.

    My host can’t work out what it going on.

    He said to change all the urls back to non-friendly permalinks.

    He also enabled super-cache.

    Considering we only get about 2 million hits per month, I can’t see why this would be happening?

    Is this a regular thing with WordPress- that it keeps crashing?

    Any advice you could give me would be much appreciated. We’re losing readers, and money, by the minute.

    Clint Morris

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  • ok well i have had my blogs crash like this before, it has happened from having too many php scripts executed
    you should check what php processes are being executed and force quite them
    than you should check if you have any plugins or maybe a chat or something that will execute allot of php process or a php process repeatedly

    edit, since i can’t see your site, i really don’t know what you have on it sorry mate

    but have the web admin check for the processes being executed

    thanks vachi, i will check!

    no chat, no plugins besides wp cache and supercache.
    all i can think is that keeps crashing because the server i’m on also has a lot of other sites on it?
    someone else said its because i had url friendly permalinks?

    ahh i don’t think its the url friendly permalinks

    you can check this post

    but if you are getting over 5000 unique ips a day, i recommend changing to a dedicated server or at least to a shared server where you will be the only website

    OK, thanks.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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