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  • Nothing seem to work on Cloudflare.
    If you go with the free Universal SSL Certificate your site will crash directly once you change the nameservers. (To wait 24h to activate the universal ssl is just a joke!)
    If you purchase their dedicated SSL certificate (it cost $5 / month) your site will crash again, issuing a 403 Fobidden error.

    Customer support on their website is not responsive after submiting a ticket, even if you paid for a dedicated SSL.

    I would recommend everyone to avoid this plugin

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  • I am working with cloudafre 2 week ago. All work good. My client use free SSL by cloudfare. Good service but you should to have some knowledges to use it.

    This is ********! Stop trying to make someone good when totaly that isn’t the case.
    Check their Support forum, there are new “error” tickets submited every hour.
    If i pay for a service then i expect it to work, or at least have support. this doesn’t have anything to do with knowledge! Everything is set up correctly from our end.

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    @wphelperman, I’m afraid that wasn’t helpful. You’re welcome to post on other people’s reviews, but if they’ve had a bad experience then you must help them in some way (or just don’t post there).

    I encountered a similar problem. I deactivated the wordpress cloadfare plugin and the site stopped working. I deactivated the plugin using ftp and set SSL to Full (Strict) in Cloadfare dashboard. Maybe this will help.

    You need to login to CloudFlare, click to SSL tab and make one quick change. You need to set SSL to Full (Strict). Now I use Cloudafre service for wordpress site without plugin.

    We did all the above, nothing worked!
    Even more, we then disabled the free Universal SSL certificate which crashed the website and ordered a dedicated SSL certificate, that didn’t solve the problem. We submited 2 tickets on support forum 5 hours ago and requested to please review and provide help. Nothing happened, tickets are ignored which is unacceptable on a paid service. We just canceled the subscription, pointed the name servers back to it’s origin and site is back on.
    We can’t afford to keep an e-commerce website down more than 5 hours.

    Dear, as advised before, everything was set up correctly from our end. DNS records were added correctly as per Cloudflare dashboard instructions.
    A problem could have been that our plugin iTheme Security is blocking and need a file permission update for Cloudflare, but i expect Cloudflare to investigate and run a test in order to find the issue. We are not a plugin developer to start testing and chasing every single corner of our website to find the reason why their SSL is not working.

    Selling a subscription by not providing any support is not acceptable in the 21st century.

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