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    I have a site on our network that for some reason today has no content. Nothing in the trash, no comments, no posts, nothing. Even Media is empty. When I try to add a new page I click the Publish button and it just takes me back a blank page listing. I can’t add new media or other item either. Links are still there though.

    I looked at the tables for the site in MySQL and all the tables are there, and all the content is there, Except for the wp_1234_posts table. It is empty. 🙁

    Last week we had some other problems with missing tables. But all tables were missing from that one. We determined that it was a problem when they were created, but now I’m wondering if they are connected. Here is a link to that forum post.

    Possible Cause: Yesterday our server ran out of space for a while and caused some problems. We had to shut down MySQL and then eventually restart the whole server (VM) after making some space. Somehow our .htaccess file got destroyed so we had to rebuild that, but once that was done we thought we were good to go till we learned about this missing data this morning. We can restore from backup if needed, but want to stop this from happening again!

    Any thoughts about troubleshooting and what might be going on would be appreciated.



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  • Except for the wp_1234_posts table. It is empty

    Yep, that’s where all your content is located. Media too.

    Thanks Ipstenu. I appreciate your help. It looks like we found a way to restore it without having to restore from backup. It required getting into the SQL. I did not do this, but this is what the folks working with me did. I hope this helps anyone else that runs into this problem.

    myisamchk /var/lib/mysql/bugs/*.MYI
    where “bugs” = yourdbname

    From that you can see problems in the database. We then ran the following on each table that showed up above.


    Clients = Happy again.

    We are attributing this to shutting down MySQL in an unhappy state…

    To avoid int the future… don’t run out of space. And if you do, pray you don’t have to hard reboot.

    Another app I use likes to eat itself if it runs out of space (literally, it cookie monstered itself and ate all it’s databases!).

    Oh that is awesome. “Cookie monstered itself”. That just made my day. 🙂

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