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  • I don’t know about “strutting my stuff” – more like looking to see if you find any major problems with the site.

    This has been quite a challenge for me to build a site in WordPress – have to rethink how things work and know a bit more code than I was used to. Not sure I’ll go this route again – although it is pretty cool for some applications.

    Have had issues with the Flash Player on the home page not showing up. It works in all of my browsers on the Mac and on one of my PCs but not another. Anybody seeing any issues?

    Thanks for looking!

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  • Looks good on my mac too. Flash started almost immediately. I really like the theme.

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    It looked okay for the first few seconds, but I clicked off as soon as the video started playing and John force started talking to me. It’s just as annoying as music on a website unless the user can control it.

    The theme itself is very user friendly, but the video should not play automatically. It’s really annoying, well, for MOST people.

    Thanks for the input. I agree that the video auto play is kind of annoying. The client wants it to play automatically. There is the button on there to stop auto play – but I’m not sure it’s large enough to be noticeable.

    I think I’ll revisit with the client whether they actually want it to auto play or have a big “Play” button on the screen.

    Theme is one I purchased entitled “Gamepress”. I liked it too.

    Thanks guys!

    Very pleasing to eyes. lovely template and good content!

    The overall design is very nice, indeed. Love the header and navbar.

    The flash player is working fine on my PC, although like the others, I don’t care for “opt-out” multimedia presentations. It also occurs to me that a significant portion of this client’s potential customers may not have the latest whiz-bang hardware setup or internet connection; I wonder if he’s considered that before depending so heavily on video for content and navigation.

    Also, the navigation bar for “10 reasons to buy” is just… well, it’s not right. Each of those links leads to a one-or-three sentence passage; the whole thing could have been presented on one single “Reasons To Buy” page, prominently linked, and the whole navbar could be removed.

    Now you get half of a pass on both of these issues, because if John Force is the client you’re working for Gary Bussey’s somewhat-less-sane little brother.

    But it’s only half a pass, because managing the client’s expectations is part of the job. If you’re not careful the client will be demanding “under construction” gifs and Barry Manilow midi files.

    The site is really nice looking, but if it were me, I’d get some more billable hours for myself by forcing the client to rethink these few issues.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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