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  • Hi all,

    I have a two year old site and I’m updating it, changing the theme, adding BBpress forums and Buddypress.

    I’ve exported my site as a backup and preserved the database using a plugin and am working on the new site in a subdirectory.

    My question is, when the time comes to build my new site is it better to start with a fresh installation and keep my posts by exporting and them importing them or is it better to preserve the old database?

    What are the advantages / disadvantages of each method?

    Ideally I like the idea of a fresh start as I know my database is bloated with residual code from old plugins I’ve tried but what are the drawbacks? I’ve never actually used the Export / Import facility so don’t know if I will be losing anything in the process.

    This has been bothering me for a few weeks now so I appreciate your input!

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  • whats the difference? export-import to new or retaining old is the same aint it. i mean, eod, its the same data.
    code, plugins etc dont get into your DB. infact, not even those images you use in posts…
    have a look at this:
    there are couple of plugins which can cleanup post-revisions and stuff like that for you. and imho, that should do.

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