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  • My website ( works just fine in Safari, but the background image won’t load in firefox or chrome. I tried to go into each browser individually and load the background image, but it will not load.

    Additionally in Safari I loaded a slideshow, using the slideshowpro plug in onto a page and it worked immediately after I added it to the page, but stopped without making any changes to the page. The slideshows don’t work in Chrome or Firefox either.

    I am using the Gleam theme, which says it works with all three of these browsers.


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  • Works with what version of each browser and with whate version of WP does your theme purport to support?

    The theme is compatible with wordpress 3.3. I have version 5.1.1 of Safari, Version 19.0.1084.52 of Chrome (it says the most recent), and Firefox 12.0 (also up to date).

    Refresh browser after clearing local cache while not logged in and if using a server cache method clear that first.

    ok, maybe this sounds stupid but I have no idea how to do that. I tried to find it by searching and I think I did it, but it didn’t change anything.

    Ok I cleared all the caches and I tried it on two other computers. I also tried it in Internet Explorer. It only works in Safari. I also tried to go into both Chrome and Firefox and manually upload the background image, but it simply won’t load. None of the changes I make in Safari show up in my admin panel in other browsers, and it won’t let me make changes in either of the other two browsers.



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    That’s a commercial theme — so you should really look to Elegant Themes for support — they know how their themes are coded, should work, etc.

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