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    My site is broken since the last plugin update.
    How can download Elementor 2.0?

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  • Plugin Support Ben Pines


    We have a built-in ‘one click’ rollback option under Elementor > Tools > Version Control > Rollback Version

    I have the same problem. I found that the combination with MainWP is causing this, when I deactivate MainWP Elementor works again. Then, when activating and reconnecting mainWP again Elementor again fails to load.

    Thank you guys.
    I got back to Elementor 2.0.16 and my site is running well again.

    I would like to see a better solution to this problem than rolling back to 2.0.16. Anybody?

    I use free version and no issues with Elementor with 50+ sites connected.

    Mmm. Switching to another wp manager doesn’t attrack me very much.. I have 10+ sites now in mainwp

    Yes, I get that, just saying that might be a compromise.

    Let’s hope Elementor can/will fix this, but it might be a good idea to ask the support of Mainwp as it cleary is some conflict with their plugin that arrises after this update.

    By the way…you are talking about 10 sites connected to mainwp.
    Are the 9 other sites also having this issue I wonder?

    It would not be the first time there is even another plugin that might conflict at this point?

    Also did you clear cache after de-activating mainwp?
    Sometimes that aslo helps clear these kind of issues?

    I found the issue when upgrading 2 sites, after that I decided not to upgrade the other sites. I am always carefull with upgrades of elementor, I’ve seen it go wrong before. therefor i first test the upgrades.

    I did not clear cache, will try that..

    I did not need to clear the cache, 2.1.1 is now ok. thanks!

    Great, just like that?
    That might still be due to the fact that cache has been cleared automatically, for example if you have settings to clear cache every so hours.

    But lets count our blessing, your problem is solved!

    Mmm. Seems that the problem is back..

    I updated to 2.12, then elementor did not work. Clearing WP Super Cache did not help.
    I deactivated MainWP, then elementor wordks again.
    Then I activate MainWP, elementor still works.
    Then i reconnect MainWP: Elementor not working!

    Anybody an idea?

    it seems to be a browser related problem:
    It started working again after restarting Chrome, still no Elementor working. Then while Elementor page was loading I pressed Ctrl-F5 (clearing browser cache), and Elementor works again!

    By the way: I tried he same on another test site without deactivating mainWP. Then also Ctrl-F5 got Elementor working agin.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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