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  • my site breaks in IE6, i know there’s a problem with CSS in IE6 but is there any way to fix this? to be honest i’m so desperate i’d pay someone who could dive in and fix it.

    the main body of the text in the central column drops down to the bottom left of the page in IE6, sometimes it seems to happen worst with pages that have embedded flash video on them?

    i’m sure there are lots of problems with the page other than that, but this one makes it unreadable!

    i’ve heard there is a way to send IE6 users a different css, would that help?

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  • Start by fixing the 110 markup errors you have.

    just to say, i got some brilliant help on this from bruno who is here:

    2) For some entries the full page (with comments) has the whole central part moved down and to the left. This is caused by the presence of long urls in some comment which cause IE6 to enlarge the whole central part. Your “A startling lack…” entry is currently suffering this problem. A quick cure is the addition, at the end of your css, of:
    .commentlist { word-wrap: break-word; }
    This is a proprietary IE rule, which will force the wrapping of those long urls, so avoing them to break the layout.

    also the page went wrong with an image that was too big for the central column. bruno sorted me out again, like a god among men

    Yes, any “too wide” content causes that effect (the page is not really broken, but the main content is moved down, and becomes difficult to read due to the colors of the background.)

    You could try this:
    .main { margin-right: -400px; }

    It should save that page with the big picture, and maybe other similar cases: it sort of negate the effect of the wide content, telling the browser that the right side is more to the left than what’s true. But without more careful testing it’s difficult to say if it won’t have any bad side effects. You can better write it in this way
    * html .main { margin-right: -400px; }
    so that it is hidden to non-IE browers that do not need it.

    i’m posting this here to answer my own question for archive purposes in time honoured geek forum tradition.

    thanks bruno whoever you are!

    Thanks for posting back with your solution. Too bad you didn’t search before: there are hundreds of posts about this issue (or the sidebar down, depending on your markup) – all ending with the same advice for fixing it:
    do not use anything (image, link, code etc.) in your content area or in the sidebar that is wider than the width allocated for that div.

    And it might seem good that folk help by email but no one else can see the solution.



    thanks, i approached him by email.

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