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    I have two sites with the same problem. One of them is

    When you try to go to the site in Chrome, it first gives an SSL cert error, then when you go to advanced and through, it loads the page without CSS.

    If I deactivate WooCommerce, the site loads correctly.

    I do not have ‘force SSL’ turned on. I have tried turning it on and then back off. No change.

    I don’t want to buy an SSL cert because I don’t think that will fix the problem.

    Any ideas?

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  • I’ve posted about this here:

    In short: the is_ssl() function was returning true on my non-ssl sites. WooCommerce uses is_ssl() a lot but it’s not a WooCommerce specific issue. My fix was to put the following line in a plugin’s functions.php (can be your theme’s functions.php aswel):

    $_SERVER['HTTPS'] = false;

    @frique, Thanks! It works great!

    @frique thanks for the fix — that works as a good temporary solution, until Google chrome or WooCommerce (Automattic) resolve this issue.

    @frique that actually works wonder. Thank you!!!

    @frique – Thank you!!!

    Thank you @frique, @obertscloud and everyone else who has helped out in finding a solution and reporting the errors to the powers that be!

    @frique – Thank you, thank you, thank you =) I’m new to this, and when my CSS failed to load and I couldn’t access the admin panel, I thought I had broken it.

    Frique’s fix didn’t work for me unfortunately but I’ve got the same error, started 3 days ago.

    Also going to help out other people by including some hash googles:
    #woocommerce #ssl #chrome #ecommerce

    i have first deactivated the pluging, then put the code in functions.php by map wp-included, en then re-activated the pluging.

    Maybe helps that kyzcreig?

    @frique that worked for me. Strangely it is only Woocommerce on Chrome that is causing this problem. The site serves fine on IE but not on Chrome 44 beta

    ramnathk, also in IE 64-bit are problems here..

    Same issues here. Only with Chrome, works fine with firefox and safari
    Tried the Code from Frique (Thanks by the way!) in my themes’ functions.php – it works, but I can’t display the Admin Backend in Chrome, nor perform any admin tasks.
    Let’s hope this will get fixed soon.

    Out of curiosity; would getting an SSL certificate and configuring the whole site to https solve the problem?

    @schneckomecko Yes.The problem is not on the sites where SSL is installed.

    Glad to help. If the login page still tries to redirect to HTTPS it might help to clear the browser cache.

    OMG! Thank you so much Frique! You saved my life!

    Initially, when I first faced this issue, I was the only one using 44 Beta on my Mac. None of my team mates had any issue. So I thought it might be some extension causing an issue. To solve that, I reinstalled Chrome and it went away. I slept happily. (Not realising that the chrome version installed this time was 43)

    But today, again a client pinged me to say that the page is all messed up. This is when I realised that the Chrome version is the culprit. So finally landed on this page by using this 44.0.2403.61 beta-m (64-bit) in the search query 😛

    This sucks though and I am sure a lot of people are going to face this issue. I hope your blog page comes first when ever anyone looks for SSL issues 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 31 through 45 (of 82 total)
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