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  • I run a multi-author blog (I have 80 authors) with several posts a day, sometimes. I’m using Firefox 3.6.16 on a Windows XP machine. Sometimes, after a session of a lot of edits/uploads/publishing on my blog, the site has difficulty loading, becomes really slow loading, or doesn’t load at all. This slow loading issue only happens on my computer and not on any other devices that I’ve tested it on. It also doesn’t seem to happen when I use IE or Safari.

    I know it sounds really stupid/non-technical/superstitious: Usually, when things really start to get bogged down, I give up trying to do any admin and just give it a rest or switch machines. After several hours or a day, things are back to normal, quick loading.

    Right now, the site is really bogged down I guess because of some intense publishing activity for April Fools and it hasn’t recovered. You won’t be able to reproduce the problem because it only happens on my machine.

    I have reinstalled Firefox, deactivated plugins, cleared cookies and history, and all the obvious things.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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