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    Just inherited an old WP site, sitting on WP 4.2, with what looks like an older version of this plugin (labeled Simple Firewall vs. Shield).

    So my first job is to update everything to latest version, etc. – but before I update anything, I want to take a snapshot of the current site (and set up secondary copy to work with).

    Problem is, preferred program Duplicator chokes, as currently the database is nearly 3gig in size – almost all of which is in the Site Audit table. What’s the best way to clear this table? Can I just delete these entries via phpmyadmin without issue? Or is there some other recommended way to clear this?

    I looked in the settings under Audit Trail, and see no such button/option.


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    The best thing to do here is to truncate the table. I suspect with it being an old site the crons weren’t probably running correctly and the table wasn’t being pruned. There is code in a later version to ensure that it does even if the crons aren’t running

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    Hi, appreciate the quick follow.

    Interesting (maybe) for anyone who cares – When playing with it I happened to set the audit window to 1 day and noticed overnight that the table did in fact get reduced to ~200 lines – but unfortunately the overall size consumption remained at ~3gig.

    So in the end it was a table optimization that solved it.

    Not a database expert, but from this it seems more of a database issue vs. the plugin itself.

    Thanks much

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    Ahh yes, this is correct. The actual space used by the DB will expand to fit the data stored there, but once that data is removed, the DB will need to be ‘optimized’ in order to free up the space.

    If you were to export the db, however, it wouldn’t export to 3GB, it would only export the data that is stored.

    Glad you got it sorted!

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